Bloom Thyme Friday: I Can See Clearly Now … UH OH!

Maybe you remember the happy little tune, I Can See Clearly NowIt’s gonna be a bright…bright… sunshiny day and so on!

Well, “seeing more clearly” has me in a tizzy today. I better go back and start from the beginning. We have evergreens and “various things” at the back of our property. The “various things” are mostly wild, bird-planted things. But, all together they have created a beautiful wall of privacy that both the birds and I love! The birds even planted a few blackberries for us!

This past week the owner of the property on the other side of the wild wall of privacy… decided to “prune” their side. As they pruned I began to see things more clearly …. like people, cars, a truck, a motorcycle. By the end of the week, I was  IN SIDE — IN TEARS.

Mr. G, who knows me all too well said, “call Brad & Ryan.” (Brad and Ryan own our favorite IGCCountry Harmony) to find out what they have that will grow fast and tall! Brad and Ryan came by to assess the situation as there is a big old maple tree in that area that needs to be figured into the plan. Mr. G even called a fence company about installing a few feet of 10’ high privacy fence just for good measure.

To get things started, Mr. G and Brad decided we need a crab apple tree. Here is the biggest crab apple tree in a pot they could find! It is huge! They know my love language. 🙂

Take a look at Brad and Ryan acting as “trees” so we could get the placement just right. They are the best! I wish the picture was better but I guess I was just TOO far away. Even though I was far away, note that behind them you can see “various” things. Must plant more asap!

It’s not that I don’t like people. It is just that … well … I am protective of my sanctuary. To see how things looked in the fog this week, click here.