So hot and dry we need a CWO…

Around here it is HOT & DRY! One week of 95 – 100 degrees and one week of 70 degrees and now back to 90 degrees with no rain has made for some interesting gardening! Since I am the CWO of our clan… CHIEF WATERING OFFICER, me and my garden hose have been up close and personal with as many plants as possible. If the map on my iPhone weather app is correct, there is rain in the forecast for this week. FINGERS CROSSED!

In almost every picture I’ve taken this week, I see a garden hose! See…

While we wait for rain, here are some tips on watering your roses…

  • Roses need about 1″ of water per week or about 2 – 5 gallons depending of the size of your rose. You want to water deeply to send down deep roots!
  • Water at the base of the plant and early in the day. Putting your roses to bed wet sets the stage for black spot, mildew and other diseases.
  • Roses need water but don’t like “WET FEET,” so be sure you provide them with good drainage.
  • Occasionally your roses will appreciate an all over, gentle spray to wash away dirt and insects. Many times while I’m working in the garden I wish for a “gentle spray” of water too! Don’t you?

How is your garden doing so far? Are you the resident CWO?

12 thoughts on “So hot and dry we need a CWO…

  1. CWO, I like that title, and yes I am the Chief around these parts. Our spat of cool wet weather here in Oregon’s Pacific Northwest has finally abated. Soon enough though the hoses will be attached to the hip. I hope your rain forecast happens!

  2. Hi Teresa! Are those blue delphiniums in the background there? You said, a garden hose in every picture made me think of a job I done for a friend. . I dug and buried 1/2″ pvc piping strategically and drilled 3/64″ holes every twelve inches spread over 45′ x 17′ like a giant tree branch per se’. Leading back to one battery operated timer for self watering daily. I had promised her the best floral display in her community. and didn’t have to own a watering can.

  3. Hi I am new here. Even if you don’t have rain your plants are okay. It is nothing compared to ours at the middle of our dry season, when soils cracks and fruit trees die of thirst. At lease we are now officially at the start of rainy season, so i can post some flowers for GBBD.

  4. Oh, dear heart, I pray for you to receive rain! And what good care you give your gardens. They are beautiful! Inspiration for persevering.

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