Family Memories…

My dad went home to heaven on Monday, January 14, 2013. He was a faithful Christian and knew what awaited him. Some of his final words were that he could see my mom and she had a cup of coffee ready for him. It had been 23 years since she had fixed him a cup of coffee and he was excited! She was known for her coffee. You can read about my mom and her “coffee culture” here. As much as I miss them, I love it that they are together again. They were soul mates.

Today I hung my dad’s jacket in my Potting Shed. I love seeing it while I’m working.

IMG_9454And, the forsythia cuttings I took from his yard are blooming and getting leaves!!


This jacket, the forsythia and these pictures will give me much pleasure in the years to come.

Aren’t they adorable!
All dressed up for a night on the town!

Here’s a story of my dad and his sailor days

32 thoughts on “Family Memories…

  1. It’s the fond memories that get us through! When we are at the Lake, when I see my dad’s fishing poles in the garage or know that I need to clean our boat. He always expected his boat to be clean and shiny, so I try to keep ours the same way that he did his. He loved the Lake. Great times.

  2. What precious memories we have of our parents. There are certain things that happen or I will see certain things that reminds me of them so often. I so enjoyed your pictures and especially your Dad’s jacket hanging in your potting shed. Thank you for sharing…..Bev

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss. I have two flannel shirts that were my dads. He died in 1987, and they are getting threadbare now because I wear them in the winter like jackets, with the cuffs turned up. The reason these are important to me is that I gave them to him for Christmas one year. It’s so important to have things around you that remind you of people you love.

  4. Teresa – I read about this post on your husband’s facebook and am so glad I stopped by to see it. What a moving tribute to your parents. I love your dad’s jacket hanging in your potting shed. My dad went home to Heaven three years ago, and I have his fleece jacket. I wear it all the time in cold weather. It isn’t very stylish or even very nice looking now, but I love wearing it because I feel “wrapped up in my dad’s love” when I have it on.


  5. Is that really true what your dad said, that he could see your mom? I don’t mean to sound weird, but I have so many questions about my faith sometimes. Thank  you.



    1. Ginny, It is absolutely true. He said he could see her and he even waved at her. I never expected him to ever say anything like that but he did and I could tell he was excited to see her. At the end he barely knew his children so the fact that he saw her was very significant to me.

  6. How wonderful to have his jacket hanging where you can see it daily. I love that idea. And to have memories of your parents entwined with your garden – like the forsythia blooming – is what makes gardens so special, I think.

  7. I am sorry – May your memories continue to give you comfort. I like what you did with the jacket…our parents will always be with us. {{hugs}}

      1. I have my mom’s lockets that I never wear but have nearby and my fathers military medals. It is nice that we have these things to keep them close to us.

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