Bags are Packed!

My bags are packed and tomorrow I head out to P. Allen Smith’s Garden 2 Blog 2013. I am more than excited!


There is so much I am looking forward to and not in the least is getting to tour Allen’s rose garden. You know how I am about roses! Allen’s rose garden is about 2 acres. 2 ACRES!

Here is a video taken during the construction of the garden.

Can you believe it??

Allen has been sharing some beautiful pictures of the garden on Facebook this week. What a treat this is going to be!

Stay tuned, I will be posting loads of pictures on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Follow along!

Allen's Garden...
Allen’s Garden…
Sarah Van Fleet.... Ohhhh la la
Sarah Van Fleet…. Ohhhh la la

13 thoughts on “Bags are Packed!

  1. Safe travels! Have a marvelous time and absorb as much as you can!!!! And remember–you ARE central Indiana’s Rose Lady!!!!

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