A Rose A Day: Julia Child

Julia Child is a buttery yellow power blooming floribunda.

This beauty grows to about 2.5′ high and wide in my garden, but is only a two years old. Next year it may reach the 3′ the catalogs describe.

I first fell in love with this rose when Chris (redneckrosarian.com) shared and shared and shared pictures of his beautiful Julia’s. So I succumbed to rose envy.

photo-18 photo-19

This 2006 All-America Rose Selections winner did not disappoint … it produces very full fragrant blooms  all summer long!

And, you know what I think about yellow in the garden … IT BRINGS THE SUNSHINE IN!

10 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Julia Child

  1. Now here is a rose I would love to have in my garden. I love yellow and have a place. Is it difficult to keep happy in hot, humid climates? Where to find? Too late to plant now?

  2. I love this rose and the color contrast between the foliage and the flower. It’s on my short-list of no-fuss roses for clients. This is just beautiful – and it’s only JUNE 3rd!

  3. Wow! If I keep reading each of this month’s entries, I’m going to have to turn the whole backyard into a rose garden! I guess that would be your goal, huh? 🙂

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