The Long Goodbye

Today was that day. The day that the real frost arrived. I was out early to take some pictures. I never want to miss the garden with that first glisten.

Last week I was making bokays of roses — the latest I ever remember! I was thinking I was going to be like my Cali and southern garden freinds who always talk (brag) about having roses for their Thanksgiving table. I ALMOST MADE IT. One week out!

But, the roses are yawning and saying, “good night.” Time for a long winter’s nap. They were amazing this year, so I will “allow” them this time.

Last rose “glamour shots” of 2016…








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12 thoughts on “The Long Goodbye

  1. You’ve inspired me. I’ve never thought to take photos of my roses with icing on them. Your’s are lovely, especially that last photo before the video. Music Box? I’m still putting down compost and mulch between rain showers. Gardening as long as I can makes the off season a little shorter.

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