Bloom Thyme Friday: Moments

There are moments and then there are moments to treasure. With all our children visiting this week, I had so many special moments.

Watching my adult children work together in the kitchen; wandering through my garden with buckets and snips in hand, choosing flowers for bokays they will take home; sitting around the table laughing together, eating together and lifting our glasses in a unifying “CHEERS!” were such moments. Moments to treasure.

Then, there were the Potting Shed moments… Oh boy, I can’t wait for you to hear about those. 😍

As a Gardening Grammy, you dream of teaching your grandchildren about gardening. You want them to love it. You dream they will have so much fun in your garden that they vow to have gardens of their own someday.

Hudson (3.5 years) and I were walking in the garden and H says, “Grammy, let’s go into your Potting Shed.” (At this point you can picture Grammy with the ear-to-ear smile!) So, in the Potting Shed we went. He looked around asking questions and assessing the situation thoroughly. Then he said, “Can we plant something.” With speed that could be harnessed for an olympic event, I whipped open my dirt drawer and we got started!

Remember those “sprigs of something” in a post a few weeks back (link here). Well, those sprigs came in handy. They had good strong roots and were ready to be planted. We talked about roots and stems and leaves and dirt and water and he was right there with me. He loved it! We planted a coleus and an African Violet leaf. He also decorated a pot.

There were parts of me that secretly wished that I had known this would happen, so I was ready with colored markers instead of the black sharpie that I use on plant tags, a better apron for him and on and on. But, in reality, the magic of these moments could not have been improved. It was spontaneous. Not forced. No expectations. To me … just perfect. I think he will remember this time in the Potting Shed. I know I will never forget it. 

Several times a day after that he “checked” on his plants to be sure they were doing okay. More moments.

Sweet, sweet, sweet moments to treasure. Moments I will hold tightly in my heart.

At such times I remember what scripture tells us of Mary after the birth of Jesus when so many sweet moments were happening. Luke 2:19 tells us … Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Angels singing. Shepherds visiting. Moments to treasure.

Okay, ready to see the pictures. Caution, there are “several”!

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday from a very grateful Mother and Grammy.

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  1. Your Grandchildren are just precious, so touching teaching him his first gardening lessons! Peggy Martin

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