Bloom Thyme Friday: Things are Blooming!

This is what we wait all winter for! The Bloom Thyme garden is filled with fireworks and fragrance and we are just getting started!

Look at the Rugosas… go ahead, inhale. The fragrance is so strong you can probably smell them from where you are!



These iris are from Mr. G’s momma’s garden and we can’t wait to see them each year. I love “pass-along” plants, don’t you! They give us so many garden stories.

Loving these peonies!!

Mr. G’s tomatoes are on their way to being delicious. And the nasturtium seeds are up!

The President Clematis looking pretty good but has many more blooms to come and needs a bit of a “tie up.”

Tiny Zinnias are holding their own among the herbs. They won’t be small long! Stay tuned.


And, the garden view I love best… the view from my potting shed (garden office) porch.

Now for the best bloom this week…

Introducing the oh so precious Mr. Wyatt…


He joins his two growing and equally precious brothers… 



What a special time I have had in California with these guys and their parents! Family Blessings! I will miss them terribly when I leave this weekend.

Special shout out to Mr. G, who has been faithfully watering my all of potted plants and sending me the real-time pictures of changes in the garden while I’ve been away. 😍 #hesthebest 😍

This Friday finds me so grateful for all I have been given…
Wishing you a wonderful weekend and a happy Bloom Thyme Friday.

9 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Things are Blooming!

  1. Wonderful. You are a week or two ahead of us, so it is lovely to see what is coming. Your grandson is just adorable.

  2. What 3 beautiful boys! I know you are one happy and contented Grandma. So sorry they are so far away.

  3. My colleague in Beverly Hills (in Southern California) planted three lemon gum eucalyptus trees and three silver dollar gum eucalyptus trees in a small garden at his parent’s home. Since 1986, I have been giving him grief about them, and I regularly remind him that I can see them from here, about 350 miles to the northwest (near San Jose). Your roses smell so much better than his trees look.

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