As I look out my kitchen window today, things are so different. We had a hard frost and that is a game changer. We moved from a fall look to winter vibes very quickly.
Pssst: I prefer this view to the current one…
Most of the leaves are down and the morning glories that were glorious last week have a melted look.
This is the time I start pouring through the pictures from the growing season and decide what is next.

Some of my first 2019 observations…

…that most of my plants can tolerate more water than I ever dreamed possible, as we experienced record-breaking rain in April and May and early June.

…that the roses actually LOVED all the rain — convincing me that I should water them more!

Even though the weather was weird and the Japanese Beetles were plentiful, there were still plenty of blooms to share!
…that the Enchantress Zinnia really is enchanting and has earned a place in the 2020 garden.
—that I have taken my love of oriental lilies to the next level.


I HAVE now planted the last 3 roses (that were “still” in their containers from spring.  Ispahan (Damask) was planted next to Kazanlik (Damask) and a second Madam Hardy. Also planted a second Lady of Shallot next to the first one. I will mulch them with shredded leaves and pray the moles who have been digging tunnels everywhere, leave them alone. But there is a good chance they won’t. Seriously, why can’t they just take a break and hibernate!!!!
I HAVE NOT gotten the garlic planted. SOON!
I am planting this new garlic picked totally for it’s name! I hope it doesn’t disappear this winter as last year’s crop did. Not sure what happened… There are a lot of “varmints” around here and perhaps they found my garlic babies irresistible.  I planted some in the raised bed and some in the herb garden, but not one plant came up. A situation I hope not to repeat. Growing your own garlic is not only delicious, it is fun!

I HAVE tied up the arching canes of New Dawn and Peggy Martin. And, had a wonderful view from the ladder.

I HAVE NOT cut back the roses and many of them NEED it badly as they have grown so tall. I will take them down to waist high and do another pruning in the spring. SOON!
I HAVE NOT yet planted any bulbs, but have drooled over bulb catalogs and have bought a few. SOON!
Can you tell that this fall has been a season that has been short on garden thyme? Well, that is true.
I did HAVE the pleasure of making a special bokay for a special friend’s event! No flowers from my garden, but I did find some beauties at Trader Joes and Kroger!


The Christmas (Thanksgiving) cactus is starting to bloom. The blooms are welcome anytime!
I have been going through seed packets and I am so excited to plant these next year. (Purchased in England)
In prep for winter, Mr. G has now turned off all my water supplies! 😩 You have to do that kind of thing here.  Now getting water for the inside plants is more of a challenge. He does fill this container up for me as I need it and it works well.


I’m beginning to notice the air plants you see everywhere these days. Do you grow them? Thoughts?


  1. I Always enjoy you garden and I love the three clear containers of roses! Beautiful garden photos, as. Always. It might be too late to plant garlic in your area and expect it to form bulbs and not disappear. it seems to me the need to go into winter with vigorous roots to survive. Good luck!

  2. Many, many thanks from the “special friend” for whom you made the gorgeous bouquet! So beautiful on my table, and I love seeing the video! God bless you, my Friend!!!

  3. It is so sad to say good by to our gardens but, my has been put to bed and I will wait for Spring and enjoy the glorious garden next year! Thanks for your inspiring messages and sharing your beautiful garden!

  4. Goodness; I have not noticed the air plants yet, although tillandsias have been popular for a while. I ‘grew’ one when I was a kid, and they were a fad. It did not ‘do’ anything. It just sat around and got dusty. I would not grow one again. However, tillandsias are worth growing for those who appreciate such things. It is annoying to see them in stores, glued into shells or onto refrigerator magnets, sometimes with plastic eyes. Nonetheless, they are interesting tiny epiphytes.

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