New Year. New Plan. 

While I’m not into resolutions, I do like a good plan. A place to start with an end in mind. In 2020 we are not simply ushering in a new year, but a new decade. We want to get this one started off right!

The current trend to choose a word or phrase for the year has worked well for me the last few years. So whether you work best with resolutions or words, I think we have a better chance to achieve if we start intentionally.

My word this year is actually two words. Every. Day.

  • I want to be open to God’s plan for my life — Every. Day.
  • I want to find the beauty around me — Every. Day.
  • I want to count my blessings and be a blessing to others — Every. Day.

The older you get, the more you realize that life is fragile and temporary… I want to make every day count.

Show me your ways, Lord, teach me your paths. Psalm 25:4

Things I want MORE of in 2020

  • Holding Mr. G’s hand.
  • Time with family & friends.
  • People around my table.
  • Mentoring new gardeners.
  • Bokays to share.
  • Home cooked food.
  • Home grown tomatoes.
  • Dining in the garden.
  • Walking in the garden.
  • Working in the garden.
  • Birdsong.
  • Flowers.
  • Roses.

Things I want LESS of in 2020

  • Rushing about.
  • Under-performing plants. (They gotta go.)
  • Japanese Beetles.
  • Raccoons.
  • Moles.

Without those last three, the garden would be almost paradise — almost. 😆

2019, you threw us a curve ball or two, but you also had some incredible moments!

— Like spending an afternoon in the Sultan’s rose garden in Istanbul – even though the roses were not yet blooming. (read more)

–Hosting Sr. Editor of Garden Gate Magazine, James Baggett, Photographer, Jack Coyier and garden friend to us all, Jo Ellen Meyers Sharp. (read more)

–Traveling to England to spend time with my daughter and grand boys. Oh the gardens and castles we visited. More on that here.


Last year my words of the year were “taking note”. It was a desire to see more of what’s around me. This year I will adopt “taking note” to encourage me to write down more garden notes. The last few years my garden notes have been taken on the Evernote app and I will continue to use Evernote — as it is not paper that can be lost or destroyed, but also add in a hand-written garden journal too. Do you have a system of garden note taking that works for you?

I think, in part, this desire to write notes comes from some of the incredible garden journals I have been given or bought and finding hand written recipes from my mother and others who are now gone. I love having their hand written words and want to leave some of my own.

2020, I think I’m ready for you!


10 thoughts on “New Year. New Plan. 

  1. You are so inspiring! Those two words, “Every.Day.,” have great meaning. Thank you! I planted some Angelique (variety) pink tulips and pink hyacinths a while back. I have many different varieties of daffodils which I love. One of my favorites is Tahiti. BTW, didn’t the Everly Brothers have a song that began with “Everyday …? I’ll have to Google it and check out the lyrics.

  2. Happy New Year Teresa and thank you for this lovely and inspiring post. You already are a blessing to others every day! I look forward to seeing your gardening year unfold!

  3. Probably a basic question for this group but Teresa when do you recommend ordering for our garden? Don’t want to order to soon but also know they are out of stock if ordering too late. Wanting to add my height and of course more roses this year! Thank you!

  4. At work, we get a word or phrase for the year. This year, it is ‘REMEMBER”. It is the opposite of looking forward to every day, but I like it anyway. I was supposed to work here only temporarily, but have been here long enough for some excellent things to remember. I know I must make better use of ‘every day’, but will saddened when that involves going back to work and leaving this temporary job. There will be no regrets though.

    1. I am glad so many are using words and phrases to define the year. I believe it does keep us more aware and on point. ‘Remember’ is a good word too. We have so many wonderful things to remember and it seems even the difficult things come to be good memories over time.

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