Wow. July has been so summery!☀️🔥☀️The sun is so bright and hot. The humidity is so high making it even hotter but I am not complaining. Really I’m not. I remember winter – those long, dark days that last forever and then some! 🥶 Yes, I want all the summer vibes summer has to give.


We are getting a break in the weather. The weather app tells us that we are going from nearly 100 each day to mid-70s each day for a week or so. I can’t wait.


Recently, I made myself a “pretty” lunch to have in the garden. I know that sounds like really – you don’t do that regularly. Typically,  “pretty” lunches are reserved for when I have guests in the garden while I regularly eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich on the run until it is time for my afternoon coffee at 3 pm. These days that coffee is ICED! The whole “pretty” lunch thing was made easier when I decided that I was making lunch for the “gardener.” And, I was. 😉😉

What a treat this very simple “pretty” meal that I prepared for “the gardener” was and it fueled my body and my senses for more creative work that afternoon. I know as gardeners we usually push through and “get more done.” I can tell you there will be more “pretty” lunches around here.

A few weeks ago I took a small bistro table from the deck to my new area THYME OUT in hopes of special dinners with Mr. G there. Since we aren’t going out to restaurants right now, I wanted to create a new “restaurant” space. I even bought a new table cloth! So far, it has been too hot outside to actually enjoy dinner there.  I’m hoping our break in the weather this week will give us that time. We still have other outdoor spaces to use but isn’t it nice to have someplace new to go! Especially since we are home so much! Now I am looking through the cabinets for just the right candles for the table!


If you have been following along with me for a while you know I am growing dahlias for the first time and we have been waiting and watching to see what that “bag of mixed dahlias” would do.

While they are not in full bloom, they are coming along nicely. Making me know I want to grow them again and I want to be more selective in what tubers I buy for next year! Having a daughter in England makes you long for such flowers that seem to grow effortlessly there. In my zone dahlias are often NOT spectacular and have the added chore of being lifted and stored for the winter or you can grow them as annuals. If you want to see some spectacular dahlias for sale, hop over to Eden Brothers website here.

The JBs are still eating a few flowers but we have turned the corner and I am getting much more from the garden than they are! Leaving me plenty of bokay makers.



We have so many tomatoes – but they are all still green! It’s even too hot for tomatoes! They will respond much better when the temps drop.

I am dreaming of our first BLT. I have pre-cooked bacon ready in the freezer and fresh mayo just waiting on fresh bread and ripe tomatoes. I have jars washed and am going through recipes for what I will do with the “more than we can eat” — if that happens.
(13 plants for 2 people😳🍅😱)

Thankfully, we had rain this week but as I look at the garden this morning, you wouldn’t know it. It literally seems to vanish into “thin air” …  most likely accounting for the extremely high humidity. Yes, we are looking forward to a “break” in that this weekend too.

TIME GOES BY SO FAST – even during a pandemic.

Hot or not with only 55 or so days until fall, I am going to squeeze out all the summer I can every day! While we are on the subject of time — it’s only 147 days until Christmas and then the start of a new year. We could have never predicted what 2020 would hold for us. 2021, what will you bring? Well, that’s a subject of much prayer.

Thanks for stopping by. Hope you have great weather this weekend as we head into August – and garden harvest time. Did someone say Zucchini Bread!?!

Summer vibes.


  1. Teresa,
    I always leave your Bloom Thyme writings with a smile. What a great way to start my weekend.

  2. Beautiful Theresa, garden, flowers and words of inspiration. I look forward to your blog every week. Have a wonderful week.🤗

  3. Lovely! The gardens in other parts of the country look so much more ‘lush’ than here in my Southern California Zone 10! We are having a heat wave too. Just trying to keep everything alive.

  4. I love dahlias! My favorite variety is Hawaii, and I could not find it this season. But I may have been too late, and they were all sold. You must google for the Hawaii one, and just see for yourself its beauty. And I love snapdragons! I have a few of the two-colored ones from two summers ago. My son is always gifting us, and he just recently sent us each “The One-Minute Gratitude Journal.” He ordered them from Amazon. Have you heard about this journal? Just check on Amazon as I really think you will have to order each member of your family one. Each day, you write down three to five things that you are grateful for in this journal and turn your ordinary moments into blessings. There are 111 pages in it, and it is paperback. We try writing something every morning in the journal before reading the newspaper, turning on the t.v., etc.. Some mornings we just write down one thing that we are grateful for. Be careful in your lovely garden so that you will not get stung like I did very early yesterday morning while pruning. A red wasp stung me three times, and I am allergic, so I am taking Benadryl, putting ice packs on my swollen hands and fingers. Even put a baking soda paste on them earlier. Trying to get the swelling down. BTW, have you ever tried fried green tomatoes? They are delicious! I slice them and put the slices into dry corn meal (Jiffy Mix), then fry them on both sides.

  5. The blooms do not seem to mind the heat, probably because of the humidity. It rarely gets more than 100 degrees here, but flowers can roast anyway, just because the air is so dry.

  6. “The One-Minute Gratitude Journal” is authored by Brenda Nathan. I just bet there is one for Flower or Rose Lovers. It has wonderful quotes by some famous people. I really love mine as mine is for Cat Lovers.

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