BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Sharing the Beauty

I was a gardener from a very early age. Our family grew most of what we ate and everyone had to “participate” in making that happen – if you know what I mean. 😳 My dad said I was one of the few kids he ever knew who didn’t mind working in the garden. I knew I would always grow things!

As many of you know my love of roses started when I was around 16 and a friend shared a rose bokay with me. It brought me so much pleasure at a time when I really needed it! I thought then that I hoped to someday do the same for others.  

Through the years, my rose collection and my rose world have grown and grown and along with beautiful plants, I have met some beautiful people who have become dear friends. 

One of those rose world friends is the lovely and charming Peggy Martin. Peggy is THE Peggy Martin of the Peggy Martin rose fame — the rose that survived hurricane Katrina. (Hurricane Katrina was a Category 5 Atlantic hurricane that caused over 1,800 deaths and $125 billion in damage in August 2005.)

Peggy and I “met” online when I interviewed her about her experience on Rose Chat. She invited me to come to her home and speak to her rose society several years back and our friendship and friendships with many of the members of the New Orleans Old Garden Rose Society was solidified by our time together. 💄

For those who aren’t familiar with the story… Peggy had a massive collection of roses before Katrina, as well as other plant collections. All of that was lost in the storm, but she lost so much more … her parents, her home and their family business. 

After two weeks of being covered in 20′ of seawater, all vegetation was destroyed on their property  – except one rose –  the rose that would become The Peggy Martin Rose. 

After such life changing devastation, Peggy thought she would never grow roses again. But slowly her friends began to share roses with her and a new collection grew and grew. Peggy began to heal and spend time sharing her love of roses and the Peggy Martin Rose story by speaking to groups and serving in many leadership positions with New Orleans Old Garden Rose Society, the Heritage Rose Foundation, the American Rose Society and others. You can read more about this story from a Southern Living magazine article HERE.  


This week Peggy shared a video of her beautiful 2021 garden with me. I would love to share it with you… 

Chamblee’s Rose Nursery acquired cuttings from the original PM rose in New Orleans in January, 2007. I bought my first one from them in 2013. It is also available from the Antique Rose Emporium.  I now have five in my garden and have shared many with others. These are pictures of Peggy Martin in my garden through the years. She only blooms once for me but what a bloom thyme it is! 


When I look at this rose I think about my friend, her grace, her spirit, her story of hope and survival and how much beauty she has shared with the world. Thank you Peggy! 😘


There is a children’s book about the Peggy Martin Rose — Rose Without a Name by Carol Stubbs and Nancy Rust to be released in September 2021.


The Rose Without a Name is a “once upon a time” kind of story that will thrill the children it was written for, but also their parents or older brothers or sisters who will read it with them. It is the poignant story of the rose that survived the monster storm, Hurricane Katrina. It is a story of the strength and resilience of the rose, but also of the rose lady who grew it, Peggy Rose Martin. 

Marilyn Wellan
American Rose Society President 2003-2006

“An unusual rose becomes a delightful character in this lovely picture book by Nancy Rust & Carol Stubbs.  A Rose Without a Name is a story of strength, resilience, and beauty, illustrated with vibrant colors and charming details. Earthworms, frogs, bees, and dragonflies engage readers as they discover how an unrenowned rose earned its name.

The story is ideal for reinforcing early learning science concepts of how plants grow and the effects of weather on the natural world and human communities. The back material offers intriguing information for older learners, parents, and teachers.

With its message of triumph over adversity, lovely art, and interesting back material, readers of all ages will enjoy A Rose Without a Name.”

Gayle Webre
Children’s author and educator

Additional reviews and pre-order option HERE.


Lovely to have blooms even in the brutal heat — heat that doesn’t seem to phase the Japanese Beetles  one bit. 😏

Regardless of the weather, beetle invasion or the storms of life, Peggy Martin’s story reminds us that hope and beauty prevail – if we keep sharing them.

5 thoughts on “BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Sharing the Beauty

  1. What an amazing story and video! Thank you for sharing your photos of her and you and of her stunning, spectacular, gorgeous, and beautiful garden with all of the right accessories and colors! Pink is my favorite color, and I think it may also be hers, too. I cannot wait to see the children’s book and illustrations! I wanted to share with you that I love to smell the leaves of tomato plants. Do you? I love herbs also and their fragrances. I have a mint that I could smell all day long. Your flowers are gorgeous, too. I am still picking some Japanese beetles off of my roses. I have marigolds that are fabulous and in bloom now! They are the variegated ones (like for Fall). And it is so nice to go outdoors and gather vegetables from our little garden (green bell peppers, tomatoes, celery leaves for my Apple Waldorf Salad, okra, cucumbers, and not too long ago there was kale. I saw in the grocery a few weeks back that a pickling cucumber (small size) cost $1.69 for just one. I have grape tomatoes planted (from seeds) that are beginning to flower now. They are delicious! Until next week be safe and stay well. Happy gardening!

  2. What a wonderful story! I think I’ve heard about Peggy and her rose before, but this personalizes it wonderfully!

  3. Hi Teresa!! I absolutely love this and I know the story! Not sure if you remember me (Chicago,IL) Was looking for climbers. TALL Climbers! I should’ve revisited you beforehand LOL. Thanks to you, I’ve searched for a Rose Society here and the nearest one is almost 1 hour away. I can’t believe it. I also Love Peggy Martin Rose! I wish that it could make it at least 12 feet to climb and canopy my garden shed that is 10×20.. I will be passing on some “mistake” Purchases of climbers.. I thought Madame Alfred would fit the bill but I hear that it may not get as tall in our zone. I also Have 2 Alberic Barbier (hoping to see if it will climb and stretch) and I’ve had Peggy Martin in my cart for about a year now so glad that you have a connection with her. I share your garden with Everyone and looking foward to more post.
    PS.. I saw that you wrote a small column in a magazine but I can’t remember which one that I was reading. Thank you for sharing your gift.
    Katrina S

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