Regardless of how hot it is, all you have to do is walk outside and you know it is fall. It just smells like fall. And the biggest sign of fall around here is all the tiny honey locust leaves we find all over our house. They are so easy to “carry in”. This morning at breakfast we watched them rain down out our window. They are everywhere now.

While I am in the midst of fall work which includes moving roses, adding roses, dividing perennials and in general making a big mess, there is still beauty to see.

One of the most beautiful sights in the garden right now is Proven Winners Midnight Blue Caryopteris (Bluebeard).

If you don’t have this shrub and you are in Zones 5-9, treat yourself to one or two or more. I now have 4 and may add two more next year. These late summer blooming machines are outstanding! Link to more information here.  

I am not the only one around here who loves them. The pollinators can’t leave them alone.

Buzz Buzz! 🐝


The dahlias are putting on a show!


Loving this new (to me) cosmos, Psyche White from Floret.

They are soooooo pretty!  Floret is showing sold out right now but that might change. It looks like it is still available from Select Seeds here. I’ll definitely be saving seeds from this one.


Desdemona! This David Austin beauty thinks it’s spring.

This pollinator is loving her too!


We have a new series starting in October – WINTER ROSE TALES. In this series you will hear from rose growers around the country. They will tell us about their gardens and the roses they grow plus share what they do to care for their roses in the winter. I think you will find all of them fascinating and fun.

In the meantime you can catch up on other recently released show here…

Hybrid Musk Roses – Matt Douglas Rose Chat Podcast

Hybrid Musk Roses Matt Douglas, High Country Roses In this episode, we'll be exploring the fascinating world of Hybrid Musk roses with our special guest, Matt Douglas, the owner of High Country Roses. Matt is an expert on all things roses and has been cultivating these beautiful flowers for over 30 years. He'll be sharing his knowledge and insights on Hybrid Musk roses, a group of roses that have been gaining popularity in recent years due to their hardiness, disease resistance, and lovely blooms. So sit back, relax, and join us for an engaging conversation on Hybrid Musk roses with Matt Douglas on the Rose Chat Podcast. ROSE CHAT TEAM:   Executive Producer & On-Air Personality: Chris VanCleave – Creator of the Rose Chat Podcast. Mr. VanCleave is a nationally known rosarian, television personality, speaker and advocate for the rose.   Content Creator & On-Air Personality: Teresa Byington – Co-Host Teresa Byington promotes roses as an integral part of the landscape, as a Consulting Rosarian, Master Gardener, writer, and speaker.   SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to Rose Chat Podcast Updates:
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The latest podcast is an update from Star Roses and Plants where they talk about new roses and new garden trends.

I’m doing some traveling this weekend to attend the Colonial District Picnic and talk about English Cottage Gardens. So excited to see many old friends and meet new ones!

Until next time, happy gardening.

4 thoughts on “BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Fall Beauty🍂

  1. Your garden is glorious! Today fall arrived here in Central VA with 50F am temps and low humidity! Hurrah! That white dahlia is stunning!!! Also adore the Caryopteris (Bluebeard).Blue is so special and rare in any garden. Wonder if it would repel powdery mildew here? Celebrate!

  2. We went from 96 degrees yesterday to 57 degrees this am. And we only got 1/4 inch of rain yesterday, and we really need some more. I have enjoyed seeing your beautiful pics and learning about some new plants, too. I rooted the top or crown of a pineapple and recently gave it to a friend with the Pineapple Quote, “Be Like A Pineapple. Stand tall, wear a crown, and stay sweet on the inside.” She is all three. It was very healthy and had a nice green crown. I am enjoying my nice flush of roses now and still getting a few tomatoes. Still watering, too. I find I am spending too much time in the garden though. Recently baked seven small loaves of pumpkin bread with a can of real pumpkin and English walnuts it. It is a nice change of seasons. Happy Fall!

    1. Our extremes sure pale in the light of what has happened in FL and up the coast. We are still in drought – have had very little rain all summer. It is amazing to me that many plants are still doing pretty well. We do not have irrigation and have not watered very much due to the high heat. Enjoy those tomatoes!

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