BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Climbing Roses and Fall Treats

We’ve had some beautiful weather — just perfect to work on the climbing roses and I have several! If you are interested, here they are…. Peggy Martin (3) New Dawn (3) Jasmina  Francis E. Lester (more rambler than climber) Ghislaine de Feligonde  Bathsheba The Generous Gardener (2) Veilchenblau  Papi Delbard Honeymoon Arborose Lady Ashe Mercy, […]

BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Springing Forward

It’s that time! Time to spring forward. I know Daylight Saving Time is not loved by all but it was especially loved by me when I was working full time and wanted more time in the garden after work. (Yes, it’s ‘saving’ not ‘savings’.😉 ) ABOUT DAYLIGHT SAVING TIME Warning… Rabbit Hole! 😳🐰 Benjamin Franklin […]


When spring comes it’s time for gardeners to roll up their sleeves and  get busy and I can’t wait! Here are some tips that I follow for getting my roses off to a good start in my Zone 5b garden. 1. PLANTING For early April planting, I buy bare root roses from online vendors (my preferred list here). When […]


The deep snow is melting and there are signs of spring everywhere. One of my favorite things to watch for are violas I planted in years past that pop up and show color even in winter! Took this picture yesterday … icy but still showing color! #lovethespirit  We have survived the long, lonely winter with […]


There is a post on social media these days that asks a question that it appears the whole world is answering… WHAT IS ONE THING THAT MOST PEOPLE LIKE BUT YOU DON’T? Here it comes.  Fall.  I don’t like fall.  Before you judge me, know this… in the midwest, fall is beautiful but only about […]


On social media, I have seen so many surveys and questions about “favorites”. As gardeners, people want to know your favorite plant, tool, fertilizer, pest control, and on and on. The answer to the question most often is, “Well, that depends on ______? That blank can be filled with … your location, your color preference, […]

Bloom Thyme Friday: SPRING HAS SPRUNG

To say that I am excited that spring is here would be a grand understatement! Today we have beautiful sunshine to celebrate even though the temps are cold. I’ll take it. I know we are on the right track. Today I have pansies and violas to plant! These little beauties can take the cold and […]

More Charm for Your Garden

This week I had the pleasure to chat with Michael Marriott, Senior Rosarian at David Austin Roses, on the Rose Chat Podcast. We chatted about the new releases and so much more including rose fragrance. Don’t miss hearing from one of the premier experts on roses, rose fragrance and companion plantings who is also one […]


As I look out my kitchen window today, things are so different. We had a hard frost and that is a game changer. We moved from a fall look to winter vibes very quickly. Pssst: I prefer this view to the current one… Most of the leaves are down and the morning glories that were glorious […]