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And then there were the chickens…

Just like the roses, you can’t be at Moss Mountain without falling in love with another one of P. Allen Smith’s passions–chickens. It was particularly easy for me to do since I had a pet Batam hen as a child. … Continue reading →

Beautiful and Sustainable

While I was at P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain Farm for Garden 2 Blog, I was surrounded by beautiful and sustainable roses. This garden of thousands, is a no-spray garden… “If it doesn’t look good, we pitch it and plant … Continue reading →

Someone Pinch Me!

Would someone pinch me please, so I know I am not dreaming. I have been invited by P. Allen Smith to Garden2Blog 2013 at his amazing garden home in Arkansas. For a garden blogger, this is Mecca! At this 2-day … Continue reading →

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