When spring comes it’s time for gardeners to roll up their sleeves and  get busy and I can’t wait! Here are some tips that I follow for getting my roses off to a good start in my Zone 5b garden. 1. PLANTING For early April planting, I buy bare root roses from online vendors (my preferred list here). When […]

Bloom Thyme Friday: It’s Time!

Yes, it’s time… …TIME TO PRUNE THE ROSES My Forsythia is blooming letting us know that the ground temps are now around 50 degrees and it “should” be safe to start pruning the roses. As I took a quick look over the garden this week, I saw some things that made me very happy and […]

Making progress…

Making progress… We are definitely making progress! It has been a week of greening and flowering. The birds are loving it and have entertained me all day as I did my own brand of “flittering around the garden” … planting, pruning and even started fertilizing! Here’s what’s going on. One of Mr. G’s favorites — […]

Bloom Thyme Friday: A quick look back

This week as I was putting the finishing touches on some upcoming presentations for local garden clubs, I found myself going back and forth through all my pictures to find just the right ones to use. Currently I have over 13,000 on my iPhone! 😳 Going through pictures is not an easy task but very […]

Bloom Thyme Friday: Nips and Tucks

Yes, is it summer thyme and time to trim up the perennials and annuals that have been beautiful companions to my roses and clean up the beds of debris and fallen blooms and leaves. There are areas that are definitely moving into the jungly stage. I also like to add a bit of mulch this […]


Even though the temps are still high and the rain has decided to pour down on us, it’s time for me to admit that fall is near and winter is coming. Time to prepare the garden for the long winter’s nap. In my Zone 5b garden that could mean most anything as I’ve seen winters with more days […]

Tips on Rose Pruning

First tip: DON’T BE AFRAID TO PRUNE. I’ve made countless “mistakes” through the years and the roses always forgive and come back! You are basically looking for the 3 Ds … Dead, Damaged and Diseased Canes These tips are best for those who live & grow in my zone 5b. Here in the midwest, it […]

Rose Display, Workshops and Much More!

The Indianapolis Rose Society invites you to ROSEFEST 2017. Something for every gardener from flavoring food with roses, flower arranging to all facets of rose care. Details below. Our special guest, who will speak at 11 am, Pat Shanley, American Rose Society President, is a no chemical gardener.  Pat literally travels the world representing the American Rose […]

ROSE BUZZ: 2016 Gift Ideas for Gardeners!

  We as gardeners love what we do! But, the right tools can make all the difference and Christmas is the perfect time to share ideas with Santa to get just what we want and need for the coming growing season! Plus, getting garden goodies in the middle of winter is just FUN! Below are […]