Rose Buzz: Sally and Me

I planted my first Sally Holmes last year. This is a rose that I have wanted for a very long time. When you see pictures of Sally Holmes like this one on the Jackson and Perkins’ Website, it is hard not to fall in love—am I right? Heirloom Roses will temp you with this lovely pic… My […]

Rose Buzz: Learning More About Growing Roses

If you are local, I would like to personally invite you to join us at the Indianapolis Rose Society meetings! This year is filled to the brim with great rose fun like Rosefest, and a Wine and Roses Garden Tour. If you have even a mild interest in growing roses, I just don’t want you […]

Rose Buzz: Helping Roses Be Their Best Self

Contrary to popular belief, roses are simple creatures with basic needs like… SUN: You’ve heard it said over and over …. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. Pick a spot with 6 – 8 hours of sun! WATER: All living things need water. The best tip for watering I can give you is—water deeply. Shallow watering leads to […]

Rose Buzz: Poseidon Floribunda

If you are looking for a lovely lavender rose to add to your garden this is the one! I love the soft color. It pairs so beautifully with all the pinkness that goes on in my garden! 😃 The blooms on this beautiful Kordes rose are large, full, ruffly and fragrant. Win. Win. Win. Win. […]

Rose Buzz: Beverly HT

I am so excited to share my Beverly Hybrid Tea rose with you. It is a true beauty. This is a Kordes rose and Kordes roses are known for winter hardiness, disease resistance and beauty! Many are full petaled, with the old fashion form and fragrance. I have several Kordes roses in my garden and they […]

Rose Buzz: Gruss an Aachen

This light pink rose was hybridized in Germany by Wilhelm Hinner who worked for Philipp Geduldig’s nursery in 1908. Not only is this rose beautiful, it is also fragrant and has the multi-petaled lovely old world charm that I adore. It is considered by most to be the first floribunda. I have also read it is […]

Rose Buzz: Companions & Beneficials

As gardeners, we learn just how important the right companions are to our plants. Many act as a host to beneficial insects to help combat those who come to destroy! They can also cover up shortcomings when a plant’s beauty begins to fade. It is the same way for us! We need the companionship of […]

ROSE BUZZ: Fall Rose Care

  It’s time for me to admit that fall is here and winter is coming and it’s time to prepare the garden for it’s long winter’s nap. In my Zone 5b garden that could mean most anything as I’ve seen winters with more days than I care to count below 0 and then there are […]

Rose Buzz: Stories from The Convention

While the Rose Chat crew was at the American Rose Society National Fall Convention last week we had the opportunity to hear from our rose friends from around the world. We took the time to do some mini interviews so they could talk to you and let you know what they have been up to. […]