Videos of Basic Rose Care

Roses have gotten a bad rap in the past as being too difficult to grow. Once you know a few basics, you ‘ll be good to go!

These videos will cover all the basics and help to demystify the rose! Take a look…
Paul Zimmerman of Paul Zimmerman Rose/Anatomy of a Rose

Guinivere Wiley of Roses of Yesterday, demonstrates how to plant a bare root rose.

Beverly Rose Hopper of Friends of San Jose Rose Garden has a lot of advice on pruning for Maximum Bloom (Shear Power)

Caring for Knockout Roses

Pruning Knockout Roses

Paul Zimmerman/Pruning Climbing Roses:

Paul Zimmerman/Pruning Roses During the Growing Season

2 thoughts on “Videos of Basic Rose Care

  1. I’m a new rose grower in SCโ€ฆwell hope to beโ€ฆI’ve yet to plant my first rose. Please add me to your blog or tell me how to receive information that you provide throughout the year on roses. I’ve a lot of what has appeared and I just love the info. and pictures. Thanks.

    1. Hello Steve, Glad you stopped by. To subscribe to the blog, from you computer, look in the upper right column for a invitation to follow. All you need to do is click and give you email address. Let me know how your plans are coming. You will love having a rose garden.

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