Rose Chat Podcast

Join Chris VanCleave and me for the Rose Chat Podcast— the only show on the airways dedicated to growing roses.

About the Rose Chat Podcast

It all started on Twitter … a Twitter stream dedicated to growing roses. This interaction inspired the idea of a radio show to broadcast rose growing info to a wider audience. From that, the Rose Chat Podcast was born.


Why Rose Chat?

The need to communicate solid information on growing roses to the next generation is essential and Rose Chat helps to fill that need by providing solid rose advice, interesting guests and the latest news from the world of roses!

What We Do

On each podcast we interview interesting guests who share some aspect of rose culture. We advocate good growing practices and fully support the American Rose Society not only by our individual memberships to the national organization, but also at the local level by promoting roses in our own backyards and serving in our own communities and in our local chapter rose societies. We believe it’s grass roots radio at its best…

Archieved Podcasts

Listen on demand to our archived shows such as the informative interviews with amazing rose experts like…

There is something for everyone!

Who We Are

Chris VanCleave (aka “The Redneck Rosarian”) Past President of the Birmingham Rose Society in Birmingham, Alabama; speaks on growing roses, is the founder and host of Rose Chat Podcasts and is a tireless advocate of our National Floral Emblem, the rose. He and his wife, Tina, enjoy a garden filled with over 130 roses!

Teresa Byington Master Gardener, gardener, blogger and VP of the Indianapolis Rose Society. Her blog promotes roses as an integral part of the landscape. She is a co-host of the Rose Chat Podcasts and brings a wealth of knowledge and garden inspiration to the Rose Chat family. She and her husband, Greg, enjoy a garden of over 200 roses.

Our Sponsors

Rose Chat is sponsored by…

… companies dedicated to supplying you the very best in rose products. Check them out today!

Haven Brand Manure Teas
Haven Brand Manure Teas



9 thoughts on “Rose Chat Podcast

  1. Sunday, 6/9/13. Rose Garden Tour-Byingtons
    Golly, What a delightful afternoon.
    Thank you!
    See you at Rose Show at Garfield Park,Indianapolis Noon Saturday June 15,2013-open to public-
    Jim Schultz-Indianapolis Rose Society member 26 yrs and counting.

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