Videos of Basic Rose Care

Roses have gotten a bad rap in the past as being too difficult to grow. Once you know a few basics, you ‘ll be good to go!

These videos will cover all the basics and help to demystify the rose! Take a look…
Paul Zimmerman of Paul Zimmerman Rose/Anatomy of a Rose

Guinivere Wiley of Roses of Yesterday, demonstrates how to plant a bare root rose.

Beverly Rose Hopper of Friends of San Jose Rose Garden has a lot of advice on pruning for Maximum Bloom (Shear Power)

Caring for Knockout Roses

Pruning Knockout Roses

Paul Zimmerman/Pruning Climbing Roses:

Paul Zimmerman/Pruning Roses During the Growing Season

2 thoughts on “Videos of Basic Rose Care

  1. I’m a new rose grower in SC…well hope to be…I’ve yet to plant my first rose. Please add me to your blog or tell me how to receive information that you provide throughout the year on roses. I’ve a lot of what has appeared and I just love the info. and pictures. Thanks.

    1. Hello Steve, Glad you stopped by. To subscribe to the blog, from you computer, look in the upper right column for a invitation to follow. All you need to do is click and give you email address. Let me know how your plans are coming. You will love having a rose garden.

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