Roses, Roses and More Roses

The day after Christmas starts my official countdown to spring. It all begins with garden catalogs. I love them. I even save them. I have garden catalogs that are 15 years old. I dream, plot, measure and make my plan.

My favorite catalogs?
David Austin Roses and Wayside Gardens

My oldest catalog?
Roses of Yesterday and Today (This amazing catalog brought me much desired information back in the day before Google.)

Today I am pouring over the David Austin Handbook of Roses 2011. Since I am on the fast-track, I am placing an order for roses today! Last year I waited and one of the roses I wanted was SOLD OUT! Ugh. But that is not going to happen this year.

Roses 2011
The new roses I am welcoming to my garden are: Rose de Rescht; Reine des Violettes; Roseraie de L’Hay; New Dawn; Comte de Chambord ( don’t they sound beautiful) and the most special of all …  Lady Emma Hamilton and The Crocus Rose — special Christmas gifts from some very thoughtful people!

The Crocus Rose
Catalog says: This is a very robust and free flowering rose, bearing large, rosette-shaped flowers that are cupped at first; the petals later reflexing. The colour is soft apricot, paling to cream on the outer petals. The flowers are produced very freely, in large clusters elegantly poised on the end of slightly arching stems. They have a delightful Tea Rose fragrance.

The Crocus Rose
Lady Emma Hamilton
Catalog says: A variety of rather unusual coloring for an English Rose, but nonetheless very pleasing and useful for creating a little excitement. Before the flowers even begin to open, the outside of the buds are a most wonderful dark red with dashes of orange. When fully open the flowers are a lovely mixture of rich, almost tangerine orange on the inside of the petals and a more yellow orange on the outside; the whole set off against the very dark, bronzy green leaves that only slowly become dark green with age. Will flower freely and remain healthy. The flowers have a strong, delicious, fruity fragrance which – it has been suggested – has hints of pear, grape and citrus fruits. Lady Emma Hamilton was Horatio Nelson’s lover and we have named this rose to celebrate the 200th Anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar.
Lady Emma Hamilton