I love green!


Garden Centers are starting to fill their shelves and bins with SPRING. This week it was seeds, seed starting supplies, garden decor and containers!

I’m finding Better Home and Gardens has so many new garden products I love!

Look at these pot saucers… They even have little feet on them! Three came home with me today.

And their Citronella game is strong! Candles and tabletop torches. I think I’m going with the white one on the top right.

So many fun things to see this time of year while we wait on plants!


I still have an over crowding problem in here, but I did manage to tidy the potting bench and make enough room for my computer so I could write this post! It inspires me to be with all the plants and the smell of dirt especially on a sunny day.

And, I bought more seeds from Renee’sGarden . . . 🌸🌸🌸


A section of our living privacy fence of mixed shrubs became overrun with Japanese Honeysuckle. The upside is that we now have the “opportunity” to redo a section. The removal project started last fall when I “borrowed” Mr. G’s recip saw and got busy. I love this kind of work. Mr. G saw where my excitement over the recip saw was going so he gifted me my own. This year I will no longer have to borrow. Watch out garden — I love power tools. Seriously, I think every gardener need one!


“Honeysuckle alters or destroys the native vegetation beneath it, diminishing the populations of birds and other animals that rely on the native plants.”

“Invasive honeysuckle vines grow rapidly and cover large areas. They shade out plants growing underneath them and can girdle or pull down trees.”

“Some bush honeysucklespecies also release chemicals into the soil to inhibit other plant growth, effectively poisoning the soil.”

Invasive Honeysuckle Information HERE.

Indiana Invasive plant guide HERE.


This area has always included a potting table (made by Mr. G) but now will include a cold frame. Mr. G will make that too – my previous cold frame was taken down to make room for his grill and prep table.

This project is exciting and daunting at the same time as I am working around other existing plantings. Large shrubs and an ancient and huge unidentified locust tree – known better by my kids as the “thorn tree” as it has thorns that will change your life! 😬 The sole of a boot is no match! Of course it would be easy to fill it up with roses … and I just might! I am finding so many I can’t live without.

This week I ordered two more roses from Matt Douglas at High Country Roses. Nymphenburg and Banshee. Our most recent Rose Chat is with Matt as he shared all about Damask roses. As you listen to the podcast be prepared to be charmed and be prepared to add roses to your wish list. GOOD NEWS! If you order, you will get a Rose Chat 15% discount. Website HERE.


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What big project(s) are you taking on this spring?

“Wood” You Look at This…

All I said was, Honey, I think I could really use a potting bench on the deck. and he said, I have some extra time, show me what you want and we’ll get started.

I looked at some pictures, decided what I wanted and before I knew it, he was at Lowe’s picking out the prettiest cedar I have ever seen. And, believe me, living with a man whose hobby is woodworking, I have seen some pretty wood in my day. Look at this…

Wood and Tools

One feature I just had to have was a dirt drawer. I have one on my “inside” potting bench in the potting shed. It is so handy!


Potting Shed Dirt Drawer (more on that here)



Bench Process 001



This little cutie sitting on the bench is my start of the Barbara’s Pasture Rose… I’ll be telling you the story of how I came to have this one soon!


Love how it fits on our deck!

So from where I sit, this is more than a  potting bench, it is a work of art and a sign that I am loved. Thank you Mr. G! He knows my love language! 😉

My love of gardening and Mr. G’s love of wood fit together like a hand and glove. God knew what he was doing when he put us on the same “team.” We’ve been loving each other, supporting each other and doing projects together for almost 39 years. Oh the stories I could tell you. Like the years that I made and sold dried arrangements out of the flowers and herbs I grew. I kept Mr. G busy making drying racks of various sizes and designs to get the best results.

Then, there’s was the time we wallpapered the kitchen together … Oh no, no one wants to hear that story. #nightmare  😁