Keeping it Cool: Rose Ice Cream

Denise Schreiber, garden friend and author of Eat Your Roses, shared a wonderful, super easy rose ice cream recipe with me recently.


¾ cup of dried edible rose petals
1 quart of good quality vanilla ice cream
1 tablespoon of rose syrup (I used Monin)
½ cup of finely chopped pistachios 
1 teaspoon of cardamom (Optional)

Soften ice cream. Crumble in your hand the dried rose petals (from roses that have not been sprayed with chemicals) as you would dried herbs. Stir in slightly then add rose syrup. Taste test first to see if you desire more syrup. Refreeze then serve. 

For more recipes like this one, check out Denise’s Facebook page here

What a treat! I used Rugosas petals in our ice cream and it was delicious! Yes, yummy rose flavored ice cream is a great way to enjoy summertime in the rose garden.


Do you have recipes that use roses and other flowers?

The Veriest Back

I wanted to share with you some pictures and a video from the “veriest back” of my garden.

My children coined that phrase “veriest back” for the back area of the garden as well as the 3rd seat in the back of our family station wagon. A spot that was often sought after and sometimes fought for! 😉

Remember the station wagons of the 80s? That was pre mini van. The station wagon worked so well for us, we never went the mini van route. Secretly, I believe that Mr. G who loves sporty cars, trucks and SUVs, never could bring himself to buy a mini van. But, he did provide a state of the art station wagon for me and my little crew, and later an SUV for me, a sporty car for the girl and a black truck for the boy.

But, oh how I loved my station wagon. L O V E!!! #memories #family #children

The “veriest back” of the  garden is where the wild things grow — and things that do not need much care from the gardener (me). With limited time to “garden,” this area sometimes gets left out in the “care department.” But it is still very beautiful to me. Today it seemed the Black Forrest (Kordes) and Candy Oh (Proven Winners) roses just begged to be photographed! This is not their biggest flush of the season, but still they beckoned me today and I found myself remembering my children and my station wagon as I took time to enjoy “the veriest.”






I even found a stunning lily hiding back there! It was in so much shade I could hardly capture it. #shestough


I also found the largest rose hip I have ever seen on a rugosa… bigger than a quarter!


I also found some weeds … they were not in a photographic mood, so I just moved on. 😬

Thanks for sharing my trip down memory lane

and some wild things!

“Wood” You Look at This…

All I said was, Honey, I think I could really use a potting bench on the deck. and he said, I have some extra time, show me what you want and we’ll get started.

I looked at some pictures, decided what I wanted and before I knew it, he was at Lowe’s picking out the prettiest cedar I have ever seen. And, believe me, living with a man whose hobby is woodworking, I have seen some pretty wood in my day. Look at this…

Wood and Tools

One feature I just had to have was a dirt drawer. I have one on my “inside” potting bench in the potting shed. It is so handy!


Potting Shed Dirt Drawer (more on that here)



Bench Process 001



This little cutie sitting on the bench is my start of the Barbara’s Pasture Rose… I’ll be telling you the story of how I came to have this one soon!


Love how it fits on our deck!

So from where I sit, this is more than a  potting bench, it is a work of art and a sign that I am loved. Thank you Mr. G! He knows my love language! 😉

My love of gardening and Mr. G’s love of wood fit together like a hand and glove. God knew what he was doing when he put us on the same “team.” We’ve been loving each other, supporting each other and doing projects together for almost 39 years. Oh the stories I could tell you. Like the years that I made and sold dried arrangements out of the flowers and herbs I grew. I kept Mr. G busy making drying racks of various sizes and designs to get the best results.

Then, there’s was the time we wallpapered the kitchen together … Oh no, no one wants to hear that story. #nightmare  😁