Bloom Thyme Friday: My Favorite Garden Center

I was recently asked by Garden Chat to write a guest post about my favorite Independent Garden Center. I am pleased to tell you about COUNTRY HARMONY in Brownsburg, IN.

The atmosphere is quaint but also upscale and urban! The location is peacefully tucked away in a corner of natural foliage in the heart of our little town. Very “oasis” like!

They are open year-round, so no matter the season, you can choose from a comprehensive line of home decor, gourmet gifts, garden accessories and plants.

During the growing season you simply must come! Their abilities as garden designers and their vast selection of highest quality plants put them way ahead of any other garden center I’ve visited (and that list is long!).

Another area that sets them apart, is the expert care they give to their plants. Whether it is early in the season or at the end of a very long, hot summer, everything looks amazing. Every plant is hand watered on a plant-by-plant basis. Owner Ryan, Designer Brad and the entire staff are very good at what they do! They are knowledgeable and friendly and are willing to literally walk along side you down the rows and rows of beautiful plants to find the perfect ones for your garden or home.

A few years ago my garden went through a major renovation and one of the first things I did was to contact Country Harmony to bounce around ideas and seek their expertise.

I can say all of this because I am somewhat of a Country Harmony expert … IF frequent visits count as expertise! I am there every week during the growing season … sometimes multiple times a week. If only just to be among the beautiful plants. 🙂 My husband likens my trips to Country Harmony as putting another child through college… Oh it’s not that much, but he’s probably thinking of my garden projects over the last 25+ years. 🙂

Reminds me of a quote by Mrs. Emily Whaley in her book Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden

Gardening is not inexpensive. … One successful way to finance your gardening, is to choose carefully whom you marry. A good and generous man is needed. … If you are so lucky to find such a man, you must fully realize and fully appreciate the fact that you have found a “pearl of great price.”

I do and I sure appreciate him. There is no doubt the folks at Country Harmony do too!

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Attention to Detail

Now that most of the structural plants are in place in my new sunny space, it is time to work on the details.

First up this morning was a trip to Country Harmony. WOW what a treat to be there in the spring. So many beautiful things! Lucky for me, Brad was there to act as a filter and to help me decide on what beautiful things I should take home for my new sunny space! He always has great ideas!

So today it is my pleasure to introduce these beauties into my garden…

  • Polka Dot Vinca
  • Sweet Alyssum
  • Trailing Red Dorotheanthus
  • Various Hens & Chickens
  • Chocolate Drop Coleus

Now it is time to get my boots on and get busy. I just love spring! I hope wherever you are you are enjoying spring too!

For me, today is one of those, “God’s in His kingdom and all’s right with the world” kind of days!