BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: Fireworks & Fragrance

I am finishing today’s post while having lunch in the garden. Praise to the Master Gardener and giver of all good things. Even in the midst of horrible situations, His handiwork is all around us. 

My current view…

There couldn’t be a better day to share the fireworks and fragrance that are going on in my garden… 

Many of the roses were highly affected by the horrible rains when the buds/blooms were forming and the horrible heat that followed … but like the survivors they are, BLOOM THYME fireworks and fragrance began!


Let’s start with Ghislaine de Feligonde she is devouring the potting shed in a wonderful way. Every year she is more than I dreamed she’d be when I planted that tiny plant 5 years ago from High Country Roses. 


New Dawn was one of the roses affected by the rain and probably won’t last as long as she normally does but she couldn’t help showing off with Peggy Martin! I don’t think Sweet Drift (lining the walkway to arbor) was affected at all – these little beauties have never been more beautiful!


All 7 of my Mother of Pearls went crazy at the same time! The color. The fragrance. The sturdy shrub. An excellent rose.


Vanessa Bell is just the best color of yellow. She is such a full rose that some of the blooms did “ball” instead of opening but not very many considering the weather.  So lovely… She is truly my favorite David Austin. I purchased another one this year and she is budded up and will bloom soon. 


This is one of my favorite new roses… Fun in the Sun.

Just look at her and she’s fragrant too. I checked with Matt Douglas from High Country Roses to see if he has any left and he does! I may get another and if you want one too, here is a link to the website…


SAT, JUNE 11, 9 – 3 PM

If you’re local, the Indianapolis Rose Society and Hamilton Country Master Gardeners have teamed up to bring a beautiful day of roses. Roses for sale, demonstrations, garden tour, great speakers, and free Proven Winner’s beautiful roses to the first 40 guests! For all the details, read on here… 

Rosefest 2022


June is National Rose Month! For details on how the rose began our national floral emblem, read on here for a post I previously shared.


TAKE A DEEP BREATH… we will end with a short video of Madame Hardy. The fragrance is amazing and that cute button eye is what she’s known for. The rain was particularly hard on her but she still has a lot to show!

Friends, we’ll talk more blooms next week. Until then, HAPPY GARDENING!🌹