From Instagram to Indiana … Roses are for Sharing

This summer I received a huge gift from my Instagram friend, Holly Hagy. I “mentioned” that I would love to have a start of a found rose–Barbara’s Pasture Rose–that I had heard about several times.

I’ll let Holly tell you her side of the story…

I got started on Instagram in December of 2014. I had been thinking of doing a blog, to find a way to connect with more folks, to talk roses, gardening, cooking decorating and just plain life! I found Instagram and boom, the blog became IG instead…which is still a blog, but in a snippet of a phrase and a photo.

It’s a great fun way to connect with people who have the same interests! I started following Teresa B. On IG and she started following me too…šŸ˜€

One day, I posted a photo of an old, found rose I had bought at the SCC (Sacramento City Cemetery) sale, many years ago…Barbara’s Pasture Rose, this is a rose Barbara Oliva, one of the founding caretakers of the Sacramento Cemetery found. One day she and friends were driving in the country and there in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere, no farmhouse anywhere around, was this big beautiful blooming pink rose. Barbara said “stop the car” and braved a barbed wire fence to take cuttings of that rose. And it’s a good thing she did because the rose is now long gone from that field!

Anyway, Teresa posted she wanted thisĀ rose. I knew she could not get it easily in Indiana, so I Ā offered to root one for her! I was so nervous if my cuttings would even take, but a few did … and Teresa’s baby rose was sent to her.

It made me so happy to share a rose with her! To me, this is what gardening and roses are all about…making new friends and sharing roses! I try to offer cuttings at both the rose societies I belong to…and whenever anyone likes one of my roses that is a found rose or a hard to find rose.

Holly Hagy


Well the California baby rose came to Indiana the first week of June and it was in perfect shape. If you ever wondered how to ship a rose, take a look at what Holly did.

She shipped Priority Mail and the baby rose arrived just like this…





Barbara this summer as she grew on my deck potting bench...


Barbara Today…

She is inside out of the cold and will be ready for a big pot next spring! Believe it or not this little rose bloomed this summer. One pretty pink bloom but it was during a rain storm and it was beat down before I took a picture. But, there will be more to come.

I cannot tell you what Holly’s gift means to me. Although we have never had the pleasure of meeting in person, I think of her every time I look of this rose.Ā I am hoping to say “thank you” in person some day. I will neverĀ meet Barbara in person this side of heaven, but her legacy lives on and I will never forget her. To read more about Barbara and her legacy, read on hereĀ and here.

Yes, Holly said it best, “this is what gardening and roses are all about…making new friends and sharing roses!!”Ā 

To anyone who thinks that Instagram friends aren’t realĀ friends, you should “meet” Holly. She’s real and she is special.

You can follow Holly’s gardening adventuresĀ on Instagram @eatgrowlivelove and I recommend you do!


Bloom Thyme Friday: The Difference A Year Makes

One year has made a big difference in my garden. With the temperature in the 80s most days, my garden is beginning to look more like summer than spring! I am seeing things I have never seen before … lilacs and rosebuds in MARCH! No way.

On March 26, 2011 we were laying a flagstone patio dressed in coats, hats and gloves! It was cold, dark and dreary. I kept the coffee pot going all day!

Notice the Dogwood tree in the background … not a leaf. That same tree is almost in full bloom just one year to the day!

A cold, windy March 26, 2011 morning!
The day before Mr. G and I were getting the “base” ready. Burrrrrr!

Fast forward to March 2012 … look at this!

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I love an early spring, but when summer comes instead of spring, well—I can’t help but wonder what August is going to be like. Maybe I should confer with my garden friends in Zone 7 or 8…

Are you having an early spring too?

Bloom Thyme Friday: 2011 Garden Year in Review

From the delivery of 8,000 + lbs of flagstone to being named Costa Farms “Garden of the Month” in July, 2011 was an amazing gardening year…


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So excited to see what 2012 brings. First up is filling the new rose bed. So far I have 10 new roses ordered … Lady Ashe Climber, Flamenco, Julia Child, The Grande Dame, and Eden and another Roseraie de l’Hay.

How about you, what are your plans for 2012?

Bloom Thyme Friday: A Friend’s Garden

Recently I had the pleasure of visiting a special friend’s garden. The same friend who brought the unforgettable rose bokay to me when I was a teenager that launched my love affair with roses. Life changing. (Click for story.)

Even though I garden in Zone 5 and she gardens in Zone 7, there are many similarities. Especially when it comes to the love of roses. When I walked out into her garden the fragrance of roses was everywhere! Her garden is beautiful! A beautiful garden. A beautiful friend.

Note the wonderful arbor–handcrafted by her amazing husband. They are a great gardening team!

I know you will enjoy the pictures, I just wish you could enjoy the wonderful fragrance…

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Can you think of a time when you’ve been inspired by another person’s gift? I would love to hear about it.

A Very Large Puzzle

It was colder than we expected. It was more windy than we expected. But, it wasn’t raining, so some brave friends joined us for the GREATĀ FLAGSTONE PROJECT…

At one point I counted 20 various rakes and shovels, a right angle grinder,Ā a chisel, a recip saw, 2Ā steel mallets, a very large compactor (it weighed 250 lbs) and we needed all of them. Under Brad’s careful instruction, random puzzle pieces became a beautiful patio. Wanna see?Ā 

Ta-Dah…here it is…

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