Even though they don’t rate as high on my list as roses, herbs and hydrangeas, forsythias do have a special place in my heart for several reasons.

REASON #1: Forsythia blooms signal it is time to give my roses their spring trim.

REASON #2: Just when winter is at it’s most dreary and I am ready to scream, out pops these bright, beautiful blooms.

REASON #3: Forsythia can be forced to bloom inside even before it is warm enough to bloom outside. Another late winter perk.

REASON #4 (And, the most special reason): My parents loved forsythia. As most of you know, my dad passed away in January of 2013, and one of his last conversations about his yard was that he was looking forward to seeing the forsythia bloom. That now takes forsythia to another level!

I cut some of Dad’s forsythia in hope that I could force it to bloom for his memorial service but we didn’t have enough time.


photo 5

Each spring seeing the forsythia bloom makes feel a little closer to my mom & dad. And, it will remind me that it is time to get the roses trimmed and let the bloom thyme begin!

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  • This shrub was named for William Forsyth (1737-1804), director of the Chelsea Physic Garden in 1770 and one of the founders of the Royal Horticultural Society of London.
  • Super easy to grow and a true over-achiever, so give it some room!
  • As with most one-time flowering shrubs, PRUNE AFTER BLOOM. New blooms will appear on the preceding year’s branches.

What is it about spring that you are looking forward to most?