My Rose Garden: March 17, 2012

Here is my rose garden today. The roses are already beginning to show REAL growth. This is about 4 weeks early. But, an early spring … that is more than okay with me!

You will see several blank spaces … those space will soon be filled with roses from Wayside, Edmunds, David Austin, Rosemania, Heirloom Roses and Roses of Yesterday.

Don’t look too closely at the pond, my husband says it is not “ready” yet BUT the way the frogs have been croaking lately, they are very happy with it.

So far the roses on my 2012 list are:

  • Lady Ash
  • The Grande Dame
  • Julia Child
  • Eden
  • Mary Rose
  • Cupcake Minis
  • Reine De Violette
  • Roseraie de L Hay

Are you adding any roses this year to your garden?