Garden Makeover 2011

Yesterday I met with Brad to see “the plan” and today we officially started the “garden makeover.”

TODAY… was that rare February day that felt like April–sunny and the temp topped out at 58 degrees.

We wasted no time…

  • Took down the deck railing
  • Moved brick paths
  • Created new brick paths
  • Raked leaves and  winter debris
  • Moved some existing shrubs and plants
  • And, smiled a lot!!!

The biggest change in the over all scheme is the new patio and new pathways. Brad did a great job mapping out the flow in and around the plants. The plan includes so many of my favorites (like roses and hydrangeas) but also some new things like Fine Line Buckthorn, Wichita Blue Juniper and Winterberry Holly. I love it!

Brad is coming first thing to take a look at the progress, then we meet with the “rock experts” to pick out the flag stone for our new patio which we will work on in the next couple of weeks. I just can’t believe it is FINALLY time to work outside! I am so excited that I am sure I won’t be able to sleep tonight! Here’s a slideshow from today…

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