BLOOM THYME FRIDAY: The Weather App / My Constant Companion

The last few weeks the weather app has been my constant companion. Helping me out by alerting me to frost warnings. While I’m grateful to know, I’m really ready for that relationship to dwindle and those warnings to stop! Whew! With each warning fewer things are getting covered!! I know many of you are dealing with the same thing. Many of you have told me you are dealing with up to 3 weeks late on the growing season.

So far, it looks like there’s little frost damage to the roses but the jury is still out on the peonies! 😏 The Sargent Crabapple didn’t even make it through the first one!  Next week is finally going to warm up. To say I’m excited just isn’t enough!


Because of the frosty nights I have kept some of the jugs closed longer than was best for them. Some of the babies where screaming to get out!


I have a new area that I am dedicating to dahlias so I needed a few more! The bulk of my dahlia tubers came from Longfield Gardens but I did find a few other places too. To give them a head start for earlier blooming, I am potting them up to live in the potting shed while the weather warms.

I potted them up on April 22 and most of them are showing signs of life. Is there anything that looks less promising that a dahlia tuber???? Well, maybe … a bare root rose! Our gardens are rife with miracles!!

  • Cornel Bronze
  • Milena Fleur (FAV!)
  • Cafe au Lait
  • Labyrinth
  • Bitsy
  • Pacific Ocean
  • Karma




Here is my list of roses I am adding to the garden this year. Some of these are duplicates of roses I already have but love so much!

This is the first time I am seeing this full list all together. #whatwasithinking Finding places for these beauties may get a bit tricky. Well, there’s always a big container in a sunny spot. Maybe Mr. G wouldn’t mind a few roses on the driveway to keep his tomatoes company. 🌹🍅


The latest release of Rose Chat is ROSES THAT RAMBLE with great rose friend Leon Ginenthal from Der Rosenmeister Nursery. His stories are so fascinating! His roses are so amazing. I just wish he shipped from his nursery in Ithaca, NY. Maybe a road trip is in order!

The Color of Roses Rose Chat Podcast

THE COLOR OF ROSES Danielle Hahn, Rose Story Farm   On this episode, the delightful Danielle Hahn of Rose Story Farm chats about the family rose farm, growing 40,000 roses, her new book, and helping Martha Stewart with her new rose garden. Since childhood, Danielle has loved roses and wants you to love them too. Join us for this fun chat as Danielle shares so many tips, tricks and behind-the-scenes stories.    ABOUT THE BOOK:   The Color of Roses: A Curated Spectrum of 300 Blooms By Danielle Dall’Armi Hahn   A unique photographic collection of 300 stunning roses that spans the full spectrum of the flower’s shades and hues, creating a breathtaking rainbow that will amaze flower lovers of all kinds.   Few flowers come in as many colors as the beloved rose. Curated by award-winning rosarian Danielle Dall’Armi Hahn, who personally owns more than 40,000 roses, the flowers in The Color of Roses were selected not only for their glorious and subtle color combinations but also for optimal availability, repeat blooming, disease resistance, improved vase life, and fragrance.   Rose Story Farm Website here.    ROSE CHAT TEAM:   Executive Producer & On-Air Personality: Chris VanCleave – Creator of the Rose Chat Podcast. Mr. VanCleave is a nationally known rosarian, television personality, speaker and advocate for the rose.   Content Creator & On-Air Personality: Teresa Byington – Co-Host Teresa Byington promotes roses as an integral part of the landscape, as a Consulting Rosarian, Master Gardener, writer, and speaker.   SUBSCRIBE: Subscribe to Rose Chat Podcast Updates:
  1. The Color of Roses
  2. Hybrid Musk Roses – Matt Douglas
  3. Miniature and Miniflora Roses
  5. Noisettes … The Southern Belle of Roses

You might also enjoy seeing a tour of his garden…

Coming up next on Rose Chat is MINIATURE AND MINI FLORA ROSES with Dr. Gary Rankin and Dr. Monica Valentovic. Few people know more than these two on this class of roses!
Release date: Sunday, May 14.


Making the biggest statement is the creeping phlox. Standing up to the cold nights like a champ! The Leatherleaf Viburnums have been glorious and we have several of them!

While not blooming, the self-seeded larkspur game is very strong. Only a few weeks and we will see the spectacular blooms!

Hopefully we are saying goodbye to those cool nights and hello to more of what we love — blooms! Serious Bloom Thyme is coming … SOON! 🌸🌹🌱🌼💐

Happy gardening friends!

Lately I have been thinking about those wonderful days at the Biltmore Rose Trials. What a special time it was!

’til next time… 💐

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the YouTube “A Romance with Roses, and I plan to watch it again and again. Very interesting and quite informative with so many different kinds of roses. I am still at my daughter’s and enjoying her fragrant white Southern Magnolia blossoms. Beautiful! She and I recently toured a lovely rose garden with a lot of different roses in bloom. So many beautiful red ones! And I enjoyed seeing pics of your flowers in bloom. Thank you! Hope you will have a very Happy Mother’s Day and good weather to enjoy.

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