Beating the Blues With Mrs. Whaley

It happened this week … I finally succumbed to an ugly, ugly case of the Winter Blues. I have totally had it with winter.

To beat the Winter Blues I dived into an old favorite book, Mrs. Whaley and Her Charleston Garden. Mrs. Whaley “speaks” to me through her book.

  • Mrs. Whaley loved her garden, I can identify with that.
  • Mrs. Whaley served Coke Classic, I can identify with that.
  • Mrs. Whaley was known to have a bit of “sass,” I can identify with that.
  • And, Mrs. Whaley had a Pearl of Great Price, I can totally identify with that.

An excerpt from her book:

Gardening is not inexpensive. … One successful way to finance your gardening, is to choose carefully whom you marry. A good and generous man is needed. … If you are so lucky to find such a man, you must fully realize and fully appreciate the fact that you have found a “pearl of great price.”

Now, what can you do for your “pearl of great price” to make up to him for allowing you all of the freewheeling in your garden? For me it evolved that, amongst other things, he had the privilege of casting my vote. (I cannot identify with that!)

My “Pearl” does so much more than support my gardening from afar, he builds, digs and works right alongside me. I think Mrs. Whaley could have benefited from a man like that, but then she also had Junior—-another story for another time!

Just this week, my “Pearl” sent me the most beautiful flowers to help cure my Winter Blues.

Mrs. Emily Whaley
Mrs. Whaley's Garden (30' x 110')
My "Pearl" picked out some of my favorite flowers to brighten my day!

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