New Beginnings

We finally decided on a new tree for our new space.

Chanticleer Pear (Pyrus calleryana ‘Chanticleer’)…

The ‘Chanticleer’ Pear is a upright-pyramidal tree that is much narrower than other ornamental pears. This tree makes a valuable addition to the landscape and is a good choice where lateral space to spread is limited. It has attractive flowers, foliage and fall color. ‘Chanticleer’ is less susceptible to early freezes than other Pears. It will grow up to 40 feet high and 15 feet wide. The ‘Chanticleer’ Pear is very adaptable to many different soils and it tolerates drought, heat and pollution. Plant in full sun. Prune in winter or early spring. Hardy to zone 4. Because of its shape, the crown is less prone to branch breakage with heavy winter snow.

“Less prone to breakage” is very important when you live in the snowy, windy midwest. 9 years ago while I was working in the garden bright and early one morning–up came a big gust of wind and down went the 40′ Bradford Pear that I was working beside (in full bloom), taking out a Tulip Poplar with it. We now have a pond that we totally love in place of the trees–call us adaptable.

We loved that Pear and are ready to try again. Meet our new Chanticleer Pear. It’s not 40′ …. but we’ll feed it!

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