Making Progress

We did not let a little rain stand in our way today. First up, a trip to Country Harmony to talk to Brad and see some of our new plants!

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Brad also had some planters to show me that he thought would be great at the entrance to the new garden area from the rose garden area. Actually there will be 2 containers — one on either side of the walkway.


Next we headed to Nature’s Choice to look at flagstones for the patio…. I had no idea there would be so many choices at Nature’s Choice!

After looking and thinking and looking and thinking some more, we decided on Black Hills Flagstone…

The flagstones (approximately 8,000 lbs of them) should be here around March 17 … then ALL we need are sunny skies and strong backs.

Honestly, the whole 8,000 lbs of stones sort of makes me crazy, but “My Pearl” says not to worry.


It really turned out well! Wanna see? Click here!

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