April Showers

We are getting some much-needed April showers this morning. Early morning rain is the best and I love how it sounds on the tin roof of our pergola. I think the birds would agree…

4 thoughts on “April Showers

  1. Oh how fantastic a nice slow rain, no storms. I was really upset with that frost, but the roses seemed to take it better than most things. My butterfly bushes, irises, crepe myrtles, hostas, ferns, ground cover, astilbies, rose of sharons, acers and a few of the hydrangeas look like they have been singed with a flame. Just crisp and black. It just breaks my heart. I dont think it will kill anything, but dang it looks bad. I wonder just how many hydrangea blooms I have lost, that bothers me the most. But the thing is, only I would probably notice it, there is so many other plants in these beds, it is a jungle! I will call you later today to chat hopefully.

    1. Oh frost is not my friend! We have burnt leaves on so many plants including roses. 😞 3 new nine bark shrubs took a big – could be fatal hit. This morning is a perfect “after the rain” kind of morning! Hope springs eternal!

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