Time to Do a Rain Dance…

Our new fence created a little nook that quickly became a potting area complete with …. TA DAH!…. A rain barrel.

We have wanted a rain barrel for a long time and this is the perfect one for this space. It isn’t even installed yet and already I am thinking I probably need another one. Please don’t mention that to Mr. G. At least until the temperature leaves the 90s.

It is going to be so wonderful to have 50 gallons of rain water!

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Do you have a rain barrel?

8 thoughts on “Time to Do a Rain Dance…

  1. I have not seen that color or design before. I love my rain barrel. It is handy when you just need a gallon or two of water for a newly potted plant and you don’t want to find and unroll a hose. Keep a watering can close to the barrel.

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    With summer fast approaching, I have been looking at alternatives to watering from the outdoor faucet. A rainbarrel is a great idea but still sort of mysterious in that I don’t fully comprehend how it will fit with my soaker hoses etc. I love this post.
    Conservative gardening and remember to “bee” positive

  3. Good for you for installing a rain barrel. 🙂 I’ve been hassling my husband to construct one for me–maybe this will be the year. BTW, those are some nice looking tomato cages!

    1. Good Morning Lara, I love roses AND I love tomatoes. This year we bought all new, heavy duty tomato cages… Thru the years we have tried several things–trellis— stakes —lite duty cages. But this year we decided to go for the heavy duty. We’ll see how they do for the tomatoes BUT I thought they made a good “frame” and “filter” for the potting area pictures! Lovin seeing your rose pictures! Have a great day!

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