Caramel Dip Recipe

I have been making this caramel dip for 25+ years and never one complaint! Many people have asked for the recipe, so here it is…

1 Package of Kraft Caramels  Note: I buy Kraft Caramels in 11oz packages (40 caramels)
1 Stick of Butter
1 Can of Sweetened Condensed Milk

That’s it! Stir over low heat until everything is melted and blended. This takes about 20 minutes or so.
Do stir constantly … this mixture BURNS VERY EASILY!!

I love packaging it in little jelly jars … 15 – 30 seconds in the microwave and it is perfect for a single serving! I store jars in the refrigerator.

One Christmas I gave out about 50 jars as gifts. They were very popular! 🙂

If you try it, let me know how you like it!

43 thoughts on “Caramel Dip Recipe

  1. I just stopped at the apple orchard the other day and bought some Honey Crisp apples (my favorite!) and caramel dip, yours sounds yummy! What a wonderful idea packing it into the small jelly jars for gift giving!

  2. Do they have to be refrigerated? Is there a way to make it so it could sit at room temp? Would love to give as gifts, but know they will probably sit all day before they can take them home. Thanks!

  3. Does it matter the size can of condensed milk? I’ve never bought it before, so if it only comes in one size then I’m sorry to have bothered you.

  4. I used your idea for my granddaughters birthday as a party favor for all of the relatives and it was a hit. The dip is delicious!

  5. Hello! I would love to make these as wedding favors for our guests with attached (Fall wedding). So I obviously need to make alot but I was wondering how soon I could make them? The wedding is in 4 weeks. Will they go bad if I start making them now? Do they need to be refrigerated? Can’t wait to try it!

      1. Will this recipe still work and be as delicious if I double or tripled it at once? I need to make enough for 120 and I would love to knock out more at a time if I can!

          1. If you cook this in a double boiler, you won’t have to worry about burning. It’s the way I’ve always made it.

    1. I am so glad. Nice to hear from you! It is sure a crowd pleaser around here! I had one bride contact me. She used it as favors for everyone who came to her wedding. Not your usual favor but I bet people loved it! Thanks for letting me know!

  6. How much butter is used? No idea what a stick of butter is. –> From Toronto, Canada, we don’t have sticks of butter, just big bricks of butter. Thanks!

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