A Rose a Day: Flamenco

Flamenco is fast becoming my favorite rose. Actually it was recommended to me by Paul Zimmerman when he was our first guest on Twitter Rose Chat a couple of years ago. This rose is a part of the Biltmore Collection at Edmunds Roses.

My Flamenco is now in it’s second year and although I had several blooms last year, nothing compares to this year. The blooms are plentiful and outstanding. Beautiful color, fragrant and excellent as a cut flower.

The only thing is… I cannot get a good picture. This particular color of rose is just hard to capture.

IMG_2036It is so much prettier than these pictures!


photo-17The growth habit of Flamenco is shrubby and old rose like. I LOVE THAT! A little wild looking!!

Flamenco is the star of this bokay!

Yep, I highly recommend this rose! What do you think of it?

6 thoughts on “A Rose a Day: Flamenco

  1. Flamenco definitely lives up to it’s name! A little wild both in color and habit.
    As I deadheaded my ONE Sunny this morning, I thought of you out there deadheading 200 varieties. Do you ever have time for sleep? ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Miss you.

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