A Rose A Day: Gruss an Aachen

This light pink rose that was hybridized in Germany by Wilhelm Hinner and  by Philipp Geduldig in 1909 has the fragrant, multi-petaled lovely old world charm that I adore. It is considered by most to be the first floribunda. This rose has 40-50 petals, a sweet fragrance and is a repeat bloomer throughout the growing season.

I have also read it is one of the more shade tolerant roses. That was not something I considered when I planted it, but now that the Annabelle Hydrangea is out growing it’s alloted space, they may be competing for the sun!

Since this rose grows to about 3 1/2 high and wide, she will fit nicely in to most any sized garden.

Gruss an Aachen has been on my wish list for some time and this year I finally added 2. Even though they are in their infancy, they have produced some amazingly beautiful blooms.

IMG_2262 IMG_2408

4 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Gruss an Aachen

  1. lovly, just gotta love roses, can’t get enough of them there is this lady up the road she has some really gorgeous roses one of these days I might stop there hopfully I wont scare her if I do, her yard especially the back yard which is parallel to the road is beautiful, she has some different colored climbers and she never protects them must have the name!

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