A Rose A Day: Drifts

Today you are going to see 3 of my favorite roses–Peach Drift, Coral Drift and Apricot Drift.

As with all the roses in the Drift collection, these roses are amazingly disease resistant and small enough to fit into most any garden whether in a container, in the front of a border or in one of your nooks or crannies of the garden. I love to use them in front of my roses that have more sporadic bloom cycles.

These beauties are ever blooming so they give you season-long beauty!

Drift Collage

Drift roses come in other colors too… check them out here.

These roses are so beautiful and easy that I love to give them as gifts to new rose gardeners!



For information on Red Drift, read on.

5 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Drifts

  1. sounds good, I might try a few around here, in places I am not sure what I want to plant, the colors of your roses are beautiful soft but attractive colors, I have a couple of minis I bought they re the patiohit series, one might make it through winter the other not so sure but that is okay, they will last the season at least.

  2. My daughter gave me 3 drift roses for Mother’s Day and told me they already had a fungus on them. I have been using a fungicide on them but it hasn’t done anything to stop it. Any suggestions for what to try next would be appreciated.

    1. None of my drift roses have black spot or any fungus. Without seeing a picture it is hard to diagnosis, and the spots on the leaves could be caused by something other than a fungus. Any chance you could take a leaf sample to a local garden center or Lowes to have them take a look?

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