A Rose A Day: Beverly

One my favorite rose additions for 2013 is the Beverly Hybrid Tea from the Certified Roses Simply Brilliant Collection. Check out this beautiful collection here.

From the beginning bud stage to fully open, this rose is so very pretty. The foliage is also amazing — almost looks unreal it is such a glossy green.

Beverly is getting a lot of attention this year and not just in my garden! She was a big winner at the Biltmore Rose Trials (details here) in May winning two of the 12 awards…

The award for Best Hybrid Tea and the coveted Most Fragrant Rose award!


IMG_0651 IMG_0649

Beverly_2This rose is stunning!

4 thoughts on “A Rose A Day: Beverly

  1. love this rose it seems to have everything.I have been growing and collecting roses for about 30 years now.There are nearly 100,but they are very addictive.I have just this week been setting up a gardening blog,it’s a bit daunting and a bit confusing,but I am determined to master it .So watch this space…!!!

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