Bloom Thyme Friday: Down the Trail

A beautiful trail...
A beautiful trail…

While Mommie was running miles and miles, H and I strolled down the trail through the woods.

It was a glorious morning and being in the company of this beautiful boy out in God’s creation was–let me just say–over the top! The word “blissful” comes to mind.

We saw so many beautiful things in the woods … some of the plants and pods I was familiar with and some I was not! And since we want to know exactly what we saw, lucky for us, my good friend Coletta, who knows all about native plants in Indiana, agreed to  do a guest post on The Garden Diary next Friday to fill in the details about the plants we saw! 🙂

Spending time with Mr. H ... blissful.
Spending time with Mr. H … blissful.

Here’s the gallery from our walk in the woods …

We were also on the lookout for bluebirds as Papa and I have seen bluebirds on this same walk. But the bluebirds must have been in a particularly shy mood as we didn’t see a one! For more on bluebird adventures, check out my friend Diane’s blog HERE. Her pictures are divine!


All of the roses that were showing off their best side went with me to the Indianapolis Rose Society Rose Show. Take a look at several show pictures HERE.

My blooms won a few awards…

Blue Ribbons for Joy, Moje Hammarberg, Gemini and Dick Clark.

One of my arrangements won a special Bronze Ribbon. As you’ll see in the picture, the ribbon was fancy and kind of impressive looking but actually it was 3rd place. There are some amazing rosarians and designers around here! 😉 This is my second year to exhibit and each year I learn more and it is a lot of fun! If you are in the area and want to learn about roses… Growing and/or showing, join us! More info here. Or, go to for American Rose Society info.


I wish for you many blissful moments and, I’m wondering what have been your special moments this week? Leave a comment below so we can all enjoy.

P.S. Don’t forget to check back next Friday when Coletta gives us all the “dirt” on the plants Mr. H and enjoyed on our blissful walk in the woods. 😘

Bloom Thyme Friday

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