Morning Garden Walk

Last night we had rain all night … sometimes it was deafening! But, oh what a welcome sound it was. We needed it and today promises more of the same. So I was out early and caught a few minutes between showers to take a video of some of the blooming going on right now. Harison’s Yellow and the rugosas are putting on quite a show, but the peonies are not far behind.

Take a look…

13 thoughts on “Morning Garden Walk

  1. Beautiful garden! I’d love one like that – very jealous!!! Loved the water sound too!

  2. Such a beautiful, restful garden….it’s so lovely to see a lush green garden as my garden goes to sleep for the winter. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Well we too had rain all night and it is still raining now, boy do we need it. I really like your garden it’s got a lovely touch of an English Garden about it. So lovely to see roses in bloom now, the bulk of mine are about a month off.

  4. your garden is lovly. that yellow climber is that your golden gate? mine died. I get very jealous when I look at others gardens because mine seems so unorganized and scraggerly looking. lol. but it does give me ideas. your garden seems to be well organized, colors evenly spaced, plenty of interest no matter which way you look.

  5. Your garden is an explosion of beauty! And going for a walk with you was spectacular! The birds singing, the water trickling… lovely. Thank You So Much!

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