Rose Buzz: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Roses

Rose Buzz_White_8I am so excited to share with you something new in the world of roses from my good friend Paul Zimmerman… an online class.


Uncover the secrets to the garden roses of your dreams with expert guidance from Paul Zimmerman, the owner of Paul Zimmerman Roses and exclusive rose consultant to the Biltmore Estate. First, find out how to shop for healthy roses at your local garden center and learn how to prepare your soil. Then, get tips for planting a variety of garden roses, discover which fertilizer is best and build a unique watering program for your plants. Next, get insider advice on pruning and grooming your roses, from selecting the proper tools to grooming your garden throughout the active growing season. Paul will share simple, effective ways to treat common diseases while still allowing your roses to develop an inner immune system. Plus, find out how to prepare your plants for dormant season and get a head start on planning next season’s garden!

For more information on the new resource, read on or click the picture below. And, if you sign up here, you’ll receive a 50% discount! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Rose Buzz: A Gardener’s Guide to Growing Roses

  1. Dear Teresa,
    Thanks for all your tremendous advice and wisdom on roses. I have taken the plunge and ordered 4 Heirloom Roses. I carefully planted them last weekend and am eager to see them grow. I chose 4 Heirloom roses for sentimental reasons. April Love because my Mom and Dad were married in April, Impressionist because I love the Impressionist artists and their work, Eiffel Tower because of a wonderful trip to Paris, and Stars and Stripes Forever because of my love for America.

    I will keep you posted on how the roses are doing and will definitely be in touch with questions and concerns!!

    Thanks for sharing all the gardening tips and for encouraging novices to enjoy the art of growing roses!!

    All the best,


    1. Carol, HOW EXCITING. Your choices are so personal and to me that is what makes growing roses or anything so special. I just looked at a picture of April Love since I couldn’t remember seeing that one before and what a pretty one it is! I love all the pink ones! LOL I am hoping you have great success with each one you have planted. Since I don’t have either of those in my garden, I will look forward to your sharing pictures with me! Happy gardening!

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