ROSE BUZZ: The Biltmore Rose Trial Winners 2015

Rose Buzz_7_whiteToday was a very special day for rose lovers — the judging of the Biltmore International Rose Trials. Since 2011, The Biltmore historic rose garden has been home to these trials. It is my extreme pleasure to serve as a juror to the wonderful event that showcases the work of the amateur as well as the professional hybridizers. More about the rose trials here.

Under the supurb direction of Paul Zimmerman of Paul Zimmerman Roses, this event is a highlight in the rose world where after two years of observation in no spray and limited care conditions, the winners are announced. Dressed in our garden party best, the jurors come together to be about the serious work of finding the roses we can look forward to having in our own backyards and yours.


Award of Excellence for Best Established Rose

Queen Elizabeth

IMG_7619 2

Honorable John Cecil Award for Open Group

Popcorn Drift / Nova Flora


Edith Wharton Award for Best Floribunda

Tequila Gold / Meilland


Gilded Age Award for Best Climber

FlyingKiss / Ping Lim

IMG_7591 2

Chauncy Beadle Award for Best Shrub

Lord Burleigh Award for Most Disease Resistant

Peachy Keen / Bill Radler


William Cecil Award for Best Growth Habit

Phloxy Baby / Bill Radler


Pauline Merrill Award for Best Hybrid Tea

Cornelia Vanderbilt Cecil Award for Most Fragrant

George & Edith Vanderbilt Award for Most Outstanding Rose of the Trial (Best in Show)

Savannah / Kordes


JURORS HARD AT PLAY (I mean work!)

Yes, today was a very good day in a very beautiful place!


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13 thoughts on “ROSE BUZZ: The Biltmore Rose Trial Winners 2015

  1. It looks like such a fabulous day and didn’t everyone look gorgeous! I am very taken with Pauline, I will be looking out for her in future!!

  2. Love the photos of the beautiful roses! Neat to know the names of the winners but also special to see the shots of them. Delightful to see the attire of those judging too, very special indeed!

  3. I’m so thrilled to have two of my roses mentioned in the Biltmore Trials. The rose chosen as best shrub is not Thrive. It is Peachy Keen.

    1. Hello Bill! CONGRATULATIONS! So glad you stopped by and corrected the rose name. I have Peachy Keen and can’t wait for it to bloom! I so appreciate all you continue to do for the wonderful world of roses!

  4. Thank you so much for posting these pictures! They are wonderful to see! We really missed being there and seeing everyone!

  5. I just rescued two Queen Elizabeths from Wal-Mart & put them in the front yard. Hoping for good results. Would love to go to Biltmore sometime.

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