I meant to work in the garden but…

Seriously, after work I went out to the garden to work. I meant to work, I really did. I had several things on my list. But then there were the blooms … they beckoned me. And before I knew it I was making bokays.

Here’s my “work” for the evening…





I’ll get back to garden “work” tomorrow afternoon. 😉

Kind of reminds me of something my dad always said…

“Work is work and if it were too much fun, they’d call it play.”


8 thoughts on “I meant to work in the garden but…

  1. Sometimes dinner is late because I go outside in the middle of preparations to see if anything new has bloomed in the past hour. It can be tough to stay on task at the height of spring. No roses here yet. They have scarcely leafed out. I am enjoying the last of the narcissus and my tulips are at their peak.

  2. We garden because occasionally we can reap the rewards 🙂 Looks like you have some beauties!

  3. Your bouquets are lovely!!! Great way to relax after work. You can put your gardening gloves on tomorrow night!!
    The colors of these arrangements are fabulous!!

  4. I think we are all alike, because I do the same thing. It is so wonderful to see the results of our work. I love your roses. Could you give us the names of what you included in your bouquets.

  5. I know how you feel. Today when deadheading some particularly tall stems, I accidentally cut a beautiful bloom. So I had to cut a new bouquet. So much for working.

  6. Such beautiful work! I can just smell the fragrance coming through my laptop! I have been absent from wordpress so I need to catch up with your posts. I just got back from a Transatlantic cruise.
    I thought of you when I was in an English Rose Garden.

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