A special couple, Sam and Nancy Jones

To say that Sam and Nancy Jones are special to my rose world is a gross understatement. Sam was the recipient of almost every award the rose community has to offer and held many leadership positions.


These two strong compassionate leaders who just happen to love roses, have been so special to me and countless others. Their strong marriage, faith in Christ, rose knowledge and commitment to love others inspires us all.

In August at the ARS National Convention, Chaplain Sam opened the event with prayer. Afterwards, he sat down beside his lovely bride and suffered a major heart attack. I am grateful he was surrounded by the rose people he loved and who loved him in return.

A quote from his obituary reads,

Dr. Jones was a retired Minister of the United Methodist Church. He held a PhD in Counseling Psychology, and masters degrees in Psychology and Divinity. He was active in the American Rose Society, and West End United Methodist Church. He enjoyed gardening, his grandchildren, and traveling.

I personally will miss Sam forever, he was a special friend, but I am joyful knowing that on that day of loss for us, he was hearing, “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Nancy is just as special! For a glimpse of Nancy’s wisdom and faith, listen to a recent Rose Chat podcast she recorded in our series, Voices from the Garden

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6 thoughts on “A special couple, Sam and Nancy Jones

  1. Teresa, that was a lovely tribute, and we will always feel Sam’s influence and love, and will be inspired by his faith, his optimism, and his sweet spirit.
    Thank you for your friendship and your love.

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