Bloom Thyme Friday: Arranging Things

I took Wednesday off to get ready for a class I was teaching on roses at the local library. I wanted to have time to make bokays to have for door prizes! The dreaded Japanese beetles who had descended a few days earlier and an all night rain meant there was a chance that no “suitable” roses would be found for my bokays.

So I woke up early eager to get started and I was greeted with a cool, peaceful, misty morning. A morning perfect for gathering flowers! Sometimes you just feel you have God’s stamp of approval on the task at hand and this was such a time! #grateful

I loaded up my wagon with buckets of water and a nice big container to hold the weeds and dead heads I found along the way.


The fruit of my labor…


There are few things I enjoy more than a morning in the garden to gather! Unless it’s arranging the “gathering”! I forgot to take pictures of all the arrangements but here is one…

Version 3


Last week at Rosefest  I did a mini workshop on flower arranging. It was such fun! Here are some tips I gave those who attended for extending the life of their bokays.

  • Morning is the best time to cut flowers.
  • Use sharp snips or pruners.
  • Choose blooms not yet fully open.
  • Place in water immediately. (Take bucket to garden!)
  • Re-cut stems under water before adding to arrangement.
  • Remove leaves that will be under water.
  • Use flower preservative in water.
  • Change out water and recut stems every day or two!

On this Bloom Thyme Friday, I wish for you a beautiful, peaceful, misty morning to be in your garden and flowers to pick for your bokay!


4 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Arranging Things

  1. You are SO organized T!!! And so fortunate to have a level garden! I felt like I was right there with you on your morning tasks and what a beautiful bounty! I surmise there was no humidity this morning. We are in the thick of it here, so garden time is quite limited yet quite enjoyed from the inside looking out. 😉

  2. Wow, I forgot what beautiful roses look like. Here in Northern California we have had two months of triple digits…NO humidity, dry as a bone…and the poor roses and rest of garden are just hanging on for dear life.

    1. Sorry for your “dry as bone” conditions. That is hard to watch. We have gone back and forth with torrential rains and weeks of hot/dry. The roses are doing okay but I am hoping for a full flush of bloom as we move into fall. Hope you get some rain soon! Thanks for stopping by!

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