Bloom Thyme Friday: The Ritual Begins

It is that time when the weather is UP and DOWN. We have been close to frost on more than one occasion already. It comes quickly!

THE RITUAL: Bring them in!

For as long as I can remember, I have overwintered plants and cuttings of favorite plants in the potting shed. While the potting shed is my happy place, it is a tiny place and believe me, I sometimes feel like I am working a jigsaw puzzle to fit everyone in and have room for me!

This week I took the first inhabitants into the potting shed. A pot of this, a snip of that and the overcrowding has begun.

Hudson’s single African Violet leaf is growing! Exciting!
Mint in my grandmother’s pitcher–a prized possession.
One of the new kids on the block. Too small to be thrown out into an Indiana winter!
This simple verse always reminds me that gardening was God’s idea first.
The neighborhood.

The geraniums and pot of mint, a bay tree, some succulents and a couple of roses are still outside looking in — wondering if she is going to forget about them or give their space to some of the new kids on the block like those cute little Perle d’Or roses. Hummmm I still believe there will be room for all of them. 😳

Don’t forget about us!

I am rushing to get some of the plants in this week, due to the fact that we are leaving tomorrow to lead a mission trip to the Navajo Nation in Arizona.

Please remember our team in your thoughts and prayers as we go to serve and show love to those who have so little by the world’s standards. We have not been to this area before but those preparing us have told us to think 3rd world conditions.

We intend to bloom where we are planted this week and hope you do too.

Happy Bloom Thyme Friday

Hey speaking of blooms…. this carpet rose and  Señorita Mi Amor Cleome will not stop. Blooming machines! I would highly recommend growing them in your garden next year!

3 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: The Ritual Begins

  1. thank you for the post. I have a question. Is your potting shed heated & how often do you water in the winter. I am in zone 7 & am wondering whether I should move cuttings indoors. Thank you & good luck .

    1. Hi Joe, I have a space heater and keep things around 60. I water about every 3 weeks depending on how dry they get. There is not a ton of light so nothing thrives … but most do survive. And, are quick to start back in the spring.

  2. Simply stunning photos of your fall garden, T. The sweet garden room is chocked full of happiness. Travel safely to AZ. Native Americans were robbed by the white man decades ago, and it is unfathomable that they remain so repressed in the twenty-first century. Work your magic…xo

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