Bloom Thyme Friday: Blooms, Bugs and Heat

Can we just talk about the weather?!? It is #toodarnhot ! Heat index today of 110! I just about melted when I went out to the garden for 20 minutes just to save a few more roses from the Japanese Beetles (who love the heat). I had some friends I wanted to give bokays too this week and I wasn’t sure there were enough that the beetles had left alone … but there were.

And, even in the heat, they smelled so good!

There were plenty of ones that didn’t make my cut because they made the beetle’s cut.  I made some of them pay!

Japanese Beetles have taught me a thing (or two) about myself. If you had asked me before I met the aforementioned beetles, if I was sadistic — I would have said I didn’t have a sadistic bone in my body. But, I dooooooo.😫  I drown those little puppies with relish… Not really, it is hard, but I do let them down easy into a potpourri laden bubble bath. The bubbles come from Dr. Bronner’s Lavender soap. It smells good. It looks good.

Now I don’t know where beetles go after death, but I sure hope it isn’t heaven. I never want to see them again. Creepy, nasty things.

Mr. G asked me last night when I thought the beetles would be gone. I just don’t know. They usually hang around about 2 months, but last year they stayed a bit longer. Right now they are increasing in number each week! 😡



I was a bit disappointed to see only white Stargazers blooming in this area. I planted a mixed bag of lily bulbs that showed a picture of various colors of peach and white to go with my peach roses. However, now that I see the pristine white with the peach roses and Bobo Hydrangea, I think it is perfect. Sometimes is just works out better than you can plan.

Only 3 in a package of 6 came up but you get what you pay for and I didn’t pay much at all.

Stokes Aster…

The cool blue of Stokes Aster works so well in the hot summer garden I think.


My fav Flame White Eye Phlox Paniculata. I love the white ones too!


I put a picture of daisies on my Instagram story this week and titled it “Secret Keepers.” That totally confused Mr. G. I told him all about the “daisies don’t tell” thing that I had heard since I was a little girl and the “He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not” thing. But, I guess little boys don’t play that game with daisies.

The Faun Rose…

No fragrance. Just beauty. This floribunda is a great ground cover rose that can take some shade and will give you loads and loads of blooms. So far the JB’s don’t like her.

Bobo Hydrangeas… (Oh how I love them!)

These surround the patio … they replaced the boxwood hedge last year. And are filling in nicely!  (The hedge succumbed to blight. #sadday)

Beautiful Creepers…

I fall more and more in love with these verbenas every year. First ones I had were 3 years ago and they were the Royale Chambray. Loved them! Then I couldn’t find them the next year so I tried the white ones. Loved them. This year I couldn’t find enough Royale Chambray or White, so I just went crazy bought several colors – all the ones that looked healthy at the garden center. Love them. They don’t let the heat bother them one bit. I am wondering just how many I will “have to have” next year and what colors I will “have to have.”

Here are two of the many I have.


There may or may not be a Bloom Thyme Friday. I am heading out for a couple of weeks to a special place to see some special little people and their parents too. Did I hear someone say … #ohtobeinEngland”? I can’t wait. If you follow me on Instagram (TeresaByington), you might just see a picture or two.


Whether you are going far, far away or staying close to home, I hope you are surrounded by God’s beauty and love.



7 thoughts on “Bloom Thyme Friday: Blooms, Bugs and Heat

  1. Love your gardens…and like you I hate the JBs! Have fun in England! Bring back some cooler weather!

  2. T-

    J-beetles just about finished here. They love the crape myrtles where I cannot reach them. 110F here today too. Brutal for wildlife and the poor female BB who is incubating four eggs now.

    Have a wonderful trip to jolly old England. Will you visit gardens while there? Hope it is cooler there. Phew! D.

  3. What do you do to your Phlox to get it growing so nicely? Mine are thin and not spread out from the plant base like yours are. You truly have a green thumb… hand… !

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