Mother’s Day means so many different things to me.


Mother’s Day is typically the last frost date in my neck of the woods. Once that date arrives, we can plant tomatoes … and other warm weather plants. 

This week has been a weather tease. Warm. Cool. Cold. (29 degrees predicted) All the seedlings started and the plants I’ve purchased are waiting and waiting for their turn to do their thing. But we must wait a bit more. For a few more days I will be taking them inside the garage and potting shed at night. So, this year Mother’s Day is not going to be the “garden date” that I wanted it to be. 


We lost my mother more than 30 years ago. She was one of a kind. She is so missed. Life was never easy for her, but she adapted and made the best of it. In a nutshell she was Resourceful, Sassy, Hard Working, Loyal, and a real Servant – did I mention Sassy!?!. I wrote an article about her several years ago and it rings true every time I read it and makes me smile! If you would like to read it, read on here.  


My mother-in-law was born of a Greek immigrant and lived a quiet, simple, beautiful, old world life. She loved her family, her neighbors, her community, bracelets and Jesus. She raised three of the most wonderful men I know. She had to bare losing her beloved husband and youngest son way too soon, but she did so with a dignity that honored them and inspired those around her. I am forever grateful for her life and for the gift of her eldest son.


I cannot even imagine a better mother than my daughter. She has a heart of gold and loves to the depths. Her creativity is unmatched. She has given me three of life’s greatest blessings – my grandboys. The love, wisdom and creativity she pours into them is heart-warming, inspiring, and impressive. Happy Mother’s Day sweet girl! xo


My children are two of my greatest blessings. I don’t know what I did to deserve them, but I am forever grateful that God chose me to be their mother. I have been mommy, mom, and momma and I have loved every stage. They love me, encourage me, inspire me and bring joy to my life. I would simply not be who I am without them. PS: They are both very impressive gardeners! And, you know I love that!!


Friends, whether you were blessed with your own children, fur babies or you bless those around you, I wish you a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend.

9 thoughts on “HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

  1. o Teresa what lovely words and tribute to the women in your life. God has truly blessed you and given you the sense to have gratitude for those wonderful women…Hugs Prayers Colletta

  2. Hi Teresa! Happy Mothers Day! I found you looking or a rose on Instagram and one of your roses popped up so I had to follow your blog. (I don’t even know what rose I was looking at now haha) I absolutely love your garden!! I’m currently in Chicago and you seem like the Rose Queen! I would love your imput on Ladybanks Roses in our zone (I’m 6a but always just buy 5)

    I’m looking for a climber for my 10×20 garden shed that really makes a big statement. If it’s not ladybanks.. do you have another beautiful rose in mind that would be similar ?

  3. Happy Mothers Day Teresa! I found you doing a search for roses on instagram and had to find your blog! Your garden is beyond beautiful! Garden Goals!! I’m currently in Chicago, IL 6a and have dreamed of having a climber with a huge statement like Ladybank Roses. I have noticed you don’t have any overly large climbers as such. I’m looking to cover my pitched `10×20 garden shed that was recently built behind my victorian Would something like this survive in our areas? do you have a suggestion in mind? I was piqued by the white one but I’m up for any suggestion from you. Thank you again.
    your family is just beautiful!

    1. Here are some climbers to consider.  Most do better with limited and strategic pruning. Paul Zimmerman has some youtube videos that can help with that. Watch Here. However, in our colder climates, winter dieback often dictates much of our pruning. Like most roses, they need 6 – 8 hours of sun. 

      Honeymoon Climber: https://www.highcountryroses.com/shop/modern-roses/climbers-ramblers/honeymoon/

      David Austins’s The Generous Gardener:http://www.davidaustinroses.com/us/the-generous-gardener-english-climbing-rose

      David Austins’s Albrighton Rambler: http://www.davidaustinroses.com/us/the-albrighton-rambler-english-rambling-rose

      Jasmina: Lovely cllimber that is disease resistant and has some fragrance. https://antiqueroseemporium.com/products/jasmina-arborose

      New Dawn: Shell Pink. Grows like crazy once it gets established. Only blooms one time per season-late spring. Beautiful soft pink and a light fragrance.

      Zepherine Drouhin: Pink. Mostly a one time bloomer. Sometimes you will get a few blooms later in the season. It is a thornless Bourbon rose that is quite fragrant. http://www.edmundsroses.com/dp.asp?pID=25690&c=8&p=Zephirine+Drouhin+Climbing+Bourbon+Rose

      William Baffin: I don’t have this one but love it when I see people post pictures. 

      Golden Gate: Yellow. Very vigorous habit. Disease resistant. 

      Laguna. Deep pink. I don’t have this one but would like too. Fragrant and disease resistant. 
      https://www.jacksonandperkins.com/laguna-climbing-rose/p/30588/ Look at OGR ramblers too. One time bloomers but sure make a statement. Hope this helps. Let me know if you have other questions.

      1. Thank you so much for the recommendations! I just planted 2 new dawn on the opposite side of my yard fence
        Gesthemene garden center here in chicago just got William Baffin and the Albrighton. I Am so grateful for these suggestions and excited to have a spectacular garden as yours.

  4. What a beautiful Love Story! Your parents look so happy in the photos you shared, and they were a handsome couple. Nurture faith and love and family. Keep believing in the harvest. A very Happy and Blessed Mother’s Day! Is the coral rose named Carding Mill, a David Austin rose? My husband and I love Henry’s Blend Dark Roast (smooth-roasted) coffee from Seattle’s Best. The red and white 12-ounce 100% Arabica ground coffee has a kitty cat on the bag, and the coffee is named after a sleepy cat that used to curl up next to their roaster, soaking up the warmth and aromas. I almost guarantee you that after trying Henry’s Blend, you will not go back to Star Bucks. He and I can go through 10 cups in the morning, and we drink it black (so good).

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